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Thursday, April 17, 2014

It is time for free elections in America - They have them in Canada

2010 should have seen members of a new Tea Party elected to Congress. 
Instead we get the same old two-party bullshit and lies.

Canada Held a Free Election
Americans are Clueless
  • Quebec just held free elections and sent four different political parties to their National Assembly to represent them.
  • But just a few feet away across the border in America free elections no longer exist.  Today only a tiny handful of Americans are still alive who can remember the olden times when the U.S. Congress included members of smaller opposition parties.

By Gary;

The 2014 elections are coming and I am jealous of Canada.  At least the elections in Canada matter.

I call myself a member of the Federalist Party these days because the GOP has moved so far left that it no longer represents me.  My main problem is my Federalist Party leaders are long dead and there is almost no one on the ballot to vote for.

Not so in Canada and the rest of the world.

A few days ago Quebec held their provincial elections.  In truly free elections the voters had 19 political parties and independents to select from.  Four parties gained enough support to elect them members to the National Assembly. 

Quebec Liberals decisively crushed the Parti Quebecois in elections, vaulting rookie leader Philippe Couillard to the premier's job and dealing yet another bitter blow to the separatist cause.

Those of us outside of Quebec don't care about the local issues.  The real point is the many choices Canadian voters had compared to the corrupt two-party American oligarchy.

The Canadian election is not unusual.  All over the world voters have democracy.

  • Japan  -  11 parties on their last election ballot and 9 parties elected to their House of Representatives.
  • Brazil  -   24 parties on their last election ballot and 21 parties elected to their Chamber of Deputies.
  • Germany  -  24 parties on their last election ballot and 5 parties elected to the Bundestag.
  • United Kingdom  -  58 parties on their last election ballot and 11 parties elected to the Parliament.
  • Israel  -  32 parties on their last election ballot and 13 parties elected to the Knesset.

You get the idea.

The bottom line is our two corrupt parties don't give a damn about the people. With our elections increasingly being funded by the Washington Elites there is nothing we can do about it. 

If a new party dares to question their Masters, the D.C. elites will dump endless millions of dollars in special interest cash into a district to crush any attempt at a free election.

Welcome to the American Oligarchy.

(Toronto Sun)

The National Assembly of Quebec

Warning to American Readers

Please do not be frightened.  The Quebec election chart below is typical of democratic nations all over the world from South Korea to Poland to Mexico to India.

All over the world voters have many different real political parties to choose from on their ballots.  That is called freedom.  While in the U.S. you are only allowed the choice of two corrupt Washington D.C. funded parties.

Don't worry.  Soon you will forget this article and go back to your dream-world thinking that you live in a democracy.

Summary of the April 7, 2014, National Assembly of Quebec election results
PartyParty leaderCandidatesSeatsPopular vote
2012Dissol.Seats won#%
LiberalPhilippe Couillard1255049701,757,07541.52
Parti QuébécoisPauline Marois1245454301,074,11525.38
Coalition Avenir QuébecFrançois Legault122191822975,60723.05
Québec solidaireFrançoise David
Andrés Fontecilla
Option nationaleSol Zanetti11630,6970.73
GreenAlex Tyrrell4423,1630.55
ConservativeAdrien Pouliot6016,4290.39
    Independent/No designation11215,3610.36
Parti nulRenaud Blais247,5390.18
Bloc PotHugô St-Onge142,6900.06
Marxist–LeninistPierre Chénier242,0160.05
EquitablePatricia Domingos51,6450.04
Party without a partyFrank Malenfant5*1,2910.03
Mon pays le QuébecClaude Dupré6*5210.01
Autonomist TeamGuy Boivin54000.01
Unité NationalePaul Biron32410.00
Quebec – Democratic RevolutionRobert Genesse11630.00
Parti indépendantisteMichel Lepage11260.00
Quebec Citizens' UnionMarc-André Lacroix1580.00
  • Voter turnout: 71.43%

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American Freedom is Dead 

America used to be a multi-party Republic up through the 1940s. 

Naturally the two larger parties of the moment always dominated elections.  But because elections were truly local with smaller districts the U.S. saw many different smaller parties rise in protest against the Washington D.C. elites and elect their members to Congress.

The elections below were the high water mark for smaller opposition parties in America when they elected many different parties to the Senate.  Today elections have become "federalized" so only candidates funded by Washington D.C. interest groups are allowed to win elections.

U.S. Senate composition from 1897 to 1901

Before the 1898 elections
rNo majority
In the 1899 - 1901 Congress
D= Democratic
P= Populist
R= Republican
r= Silver Republican
S= Silver
V= Vacant

The Free Soil Party
Because the Democrats and Whigs were ignoring the issue of slavery the people rose up and form a new political party - Free Soil Party.  The Free Soilers nominated former Democratic President Martin Van Buren for president, along with Charles Francis Adams for vice president. 

The party received 10% of the national vote and elected two U.S. Senators and nine House members.
Until recent history the U.S. had a rich tradition of free elections with many different political parties electing their members to Congress.  Just a few parties include the Federalists, Democrat-Republicans, Whigs, American, Anti-Masonic, Prohibition, Socialist, Farmer-Labor, Populist, Progressive, Greenback and many more.
Today our elections are "fixed" by Billionaire Cartels operating out of Washington D.C. and the Democrats and Republicans "magically" win 100% of all House of Representative elections.  
Another country with that 100% record is North Korea.

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