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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Democrat Hamburger Tax - Obey your Socialist Masters and Eat Less

Democrats:  A 5 cent tax on all meals above 500 calories
  • Bend over, the Food Nazis are coming for your dinner.

By Gary:

Insane Democrat Socialist Assemblyman Harvey Munford of Las Vegas, on Thursday introduced Assembly Bill 122, which would impose a 5-cent tax on restaurant food items containing more than 500 calories.

The nutcase Munford said he anticipates that the additional cost would cause parents to dine at food establishments less frequently, helping fight the obesity epidemic, particularly among children.  Naturally this moron could case less about any jobs lost in the food industry because of more taxes.

The liberal high-minded Munford said he occasionally eats at such establishments himself, but he typically orders a fish or chicken sandwich and not a hamburger like the common people reports the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The bill defines a fast-food restaurant as a place that sells food intended for immediate consumption which is served primarily in or on disposable wrappers, containers or plates.

If his bill gets a hearing, it will be reviewed by the Committee on Taxation. Munford said he would like any revenue raised from the tax to go to public education. He introduced a similar measure in 2011 but it did not get a hearing.

The pussy Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey (R-Reno) gave a weak, limp-wristed response.  He said he will listen to the proposal but questioned whether government should be legislating on such an issue.

"I don't think government should be picking winners and losers with respect to people's diets," he said.  What a worthless reply.  This bozo can't even come out forcefully against new taxes.  No wonder the GOP is a minority party.



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