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Saturday, February 16, 2013

California's new ad to boost the rolls of EBT users

The California Food Stamp, I mean, EBT Card.

Food Stamps are so old fashioned and demeaning to the "poor."

Now they are called EBT Cards.  Better yet, you can withdraw cash (earned by the work of others) to spend at strip clubs or liquor stores.

Video of the Year
Socialist California - The TRUTH About EBT
Coming soon to a state near you.

By Eric Dondero:
From The Libertarian Republican.

Hip hopper Chapter Artist explain the benefits and requirements for EBT for those still unsure of whether it's a good idea.

After all:
If you want EBT, the State of California is the best place to get your money. They'll pay you the most. You get free daycare, free good. You can go to fast food restaurants now... Dominoes, Kentucky Fried Chicken...

I mean who would want to work in America now. This is what the taxpayers are paying for.

Editor's comment - She's essentially saying that if you still work for a living you're a chump. But in a way there's something refreshingly honest about her appeal. At least she doesn't try to conceal the real purpose of EBT like bureaucrats and Democrat elected officials who say it's just to "give people a helping hand," a "way up," when they hit hard times.

Woman Arrested For Trying To Buy iPads With EBT Card

Sucking on the Government Teat
is better than working.

EBT Nation
The Marxist Re-Distribution of the wealth from those
who work for a living to the Teat Sucklers.

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