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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Legal Revolution - Overthrowing Italy's Corrupt Elite

Five Star Movement.  Beppe Grillo in Bologna, Italy.
Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement advocates an exit from the euro and the overthrow of Italy’s political class, Five Star is well on its way to becoming the second most powerful political force in Italy.

An Italian voter revolt against the Euro, debt & corruption
  • Beppe Grillo's new party is lashing out against politics as usual, corruption, the Euro and the massive Italian debt. 
  • The Internet based political party selects their candidates on-line and just won 163 seats in the lower house and Italian Senate.
  • Freedom.  Maybe the United States should try it.

BANKRUPT  -  Both Italy and the U.S. are massively in debt and virtually bankrupt.  The difference is the Italian system allows for change and new political parties.  Meanwhile the calcified, centralized and corrupt American system does everything in its power to prevent any dissent against the liar hack politicians in Washington D.C.

In a rejection of the austerity reforms needed to ease the country’s massive debt, more than a quarter of voters backed the Five Star Movement, led by comedian Beppe Grillo.

Most Five Star voters are former supporters of the centre-right, which is now on the wane in the wake of the resignation of Silvio Berlusconi and the corruption scandal which has struck the Northern League. However, Beppe Grillo has shown that he can also win over far-left voters and the younger generation with whom he is very popular.
Meanwhile, the disgraced former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi unexpectedly exploded back on the scene with 29.2 per cent of the vote.
Grillo's anti-euro and anti-austerity party, which took 25.6 per cent of the votes, was the most popular single party in Italy.

Beppe Grillo, founder of the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement

"European" leaders are in a panic.
Bankers and Euro technocrats are in a panic that the voters of Italy dared to speak up against their Masters.

The Five Star Movement drew support away from both major parties, leading to the prospect of months of deadlock as politicans attempt to form a new government reports the UK Daily Mail.
The centre-left groups, led by Pier Luigi Bersani, had 29.5 per cent of the vote in the lower house, only just ahead of Berlusconi's centre-right alliance.
Grillo took to the Internet to taunt the country's mainstream politicians over their disappointing performance.

'We've started a war of generations,' he said in a statement posted on his website. 'They are all losers, they've been there for 25 to 30 years and they've led this country to catastrophe.'

The charismatic anti-politician has vowed not to join a coalition with any other party, meaning politicians face deadlock in their attempts to form a government.
'The winner is: Ingovernability' was the headline in Il Messaggero, while commentator Massimo Giannini wrote in La Repubblica: 'The "non-party" has become the largest party in the country.'

Despite Grillo's success, a coalition between the centre-left and centre-right could be the most likely outcome after Berlusconi this morning suggested he would consider teaming up with Bersani, saying that both parties 'must be prepared to make sacrifices' and rejecting the possibility of fresh elections.

The centre-left was left in a state of shock by the results after failing to achieve the resounding win it had been expecting.
Enrico Letta, a senior member of Bersani's party, insisted that his grouping should be first in line to try and form a government, while the leader said: 'We will handle the responsibilities that these elections have given us in Italy’s interest.'
Turnout was 75%.

“Va fancullo” (“fuck off”)
For the past decade, Grillo has put his wit almost completely at the service of politics. In a flurry of activity, he founded a website – Beppegrillo.it, in Italian and English; organized a series of rallies, usually vast, called “Va fancullo” (“fuck off”) days at which he rails at and delights the crowd; and organized a political movement called Cinque Stelle (Five Stars), which seeks to encourage ordinary people in every locality to come forward and speak for the community’s distrust and dislike of mainstream politics.

The current Italian election system is a form of party-list proportional representation with a series of thresholds to encourage parties to form coalitions.
Italy is divided into 26 districts for the Chamber of Deputies and 20 regions for the Senate. Each district is assigned a number of seats in proportion to its share of the population. To guarantee a working majority, the coalition or party that obtains a plurality of the vote, but fewer than 340 seats, is assigned additional seats to reach that number, which roughly is about 54 percent of all seats.
The coalition or party that wins a plurality in a region is guaranteed 55 percent of the region's Senate seats. As this mechanism is region-based, opposing parties or coalitions may benefit from it in different regions. It therefore does not guarantee any party or coalition a majority in the Senate.

Chamber of Deputies
Many different political parties for voters to choose from.  Freedom.  What a concept.

Pier Luigi Bersani:
Italy. Common Good
Democratic Party8,644,18725.42297
Left Ecology Freedom1,089,4423.2037
Democratic Centre167,1700.496
South Tyrolean People's Party146,8040.435
Silvio Berlusconi:
Center-right coalition
The People of Freedom7,332,66721.5698
Lega Nord1,390,1564.0818
Brothers of Italy666,0351.959
The Right219,8160.640
Great SouthMovement for Autonomies148,5340.430
Italian Moderates in Revolution81,9820.240
Pensioners' Party55,0500.160
Popular Agreement25,6310.070
Independents for a Fair Italy3,2380.000
Beppe Grillo: Five Star Movement8,689,16825.55109
Mario Monti:
With Monti for Italy
Civic Choice2,824,0018.3039
Union of the Centre608,1991.788
Future and Freedom159,4290.460
Antonio Ingroia: Civil Revolution765,1722.250
Act to Stop the Decline380,9371.120
Associative Movement Italians Abroad180.4730.62
Workers' Communist Party89,9950.260
New Force89,8260.260
Amnesty, Justice, Freedom64,7320.190
The Libertarians48,3170.140
Tricolour Flame44,7530.130
I Love Italy42,5290.120
Venetian Independence33,2740.090
Liberals for Italy28,0260.080
Sardinian Action Party18,5850.050
Liga Veneta Repubblica15,8380.040
Voto di Protesta12,7440.030
Veneto State11,3780.030
Italian Reformists8,2230.020
Indipendenza per la Sardegna7,5980.020
Communist Alternative Party5,1590.010
Italian Pirate Party4,5570.010
Movimento Progetto Italia3,9670.010
Rifondazione Missina Italiana3,1780.000
Popular Unity2,9920.000
Progetto Nazionale2,8650.000
Movimento PPA1,5260.000
Unione Popolare1,5150.000
Tutti Insieme per L'Italia1,4520,000
Staminali D'Italia5850,000
Democrazia Atea5560,000
Invalid/blank votes1,269,017
Registered voters/turnout46,906,34375.19
Source: Ministry of the Interior

(Italian General Election 2013)

"A Republic, if you can keep it." - Ben Franklin
Our Founding Fathers created a Republic where the voice of the people could be heard in a House of Representatives.  Our Founders wrote into the Constitution (Article I, Section 2) that size of House seats would be at 30,000 people so the average person could easily run for office, meet the voters and win election.
Today's corrupt House seats have ballooned up to 700,000 people.  Because of the massive size of House seats only millionaires or those willing to take corrupt money win elections.  Hundreds of millions in special interest union and corporate money is spent to buy members of Congress.  Each special interest group buys allies in Congress to rape the Treasury for their members in the form of cash, contracts or insider tax deals.  The average voter no longer matters.
With a single majority vote the House could reform itself in just one hour.  They could vote to expand their membership to reduce district size while cutting their pay, eliminating benefits and making themselves a part time body.  When Hell freezes over you will see a political hack vote for reform.  So we are doomed to be ruled by a corrupt oligarchy funded by and for the special interests.  

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