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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Does the GOP believe in anything?

The GOP Deer in the Headlights.
A political animal without a clue what to do.

The GOP has no spending plan
  • There are no meaningful proposals from Republicans to cut even one cent from the budget or even to freeze spending.
  • All the political hot air drama is about a small slowing in the rate of government growth.

In a pathetic and weak attempt at public relations, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) on Monday demanded that Comrade Obama’s budget office stop agencies from hiring low-priority employees in order to preserve essential workers in the face of the looming budget sequester.

Wow.  Am I inspired to stand firmly shoulder to shoulder with the GOP.  Talk like that should really inspire the public too.  Any minute now mobs of voters should be breaking down the doors to re-register as Republicans.

Shameful.  Conservatism is dead if this is the best a well know "Conservative" Senator can come up with to present to the public.

And don't even get me started on the liberal GOP controlled House.  The magical Ryan Plan adds trillions to the national debt and pretends to balance the budget sometime in 30 plus years.

Do Republicans have a spine? or a brain?
The fact of the matter is both political parties are addicted to spending in order to buy the votes they need to stay in power.  If the nation goes bankrupt, well that's just the price of holding power.
Senator Coburn gets a C+ for effort.  At leaset he said something.  In a letter to Acting Office of Management and Budget Director Jeff Zients, Colburn said that there are ten “non-essential” job advertisements running on the government’s hiring website www.usa jobs.com.

Coburn said freezing hiring for these positions alone would save $1.4 million.

On the list are ads for ten State Department drivers, a Labor Department receptionist earning up to $81,204 a year, a human resources position at the Department of Agriculture paying up to $179,000 a year, and an Air Force museum official making up to $165,300 per year reports The Hill.
“Are any of these positions more important than an air traffic controller, a border patrol officer, a food inspector, a TSA screener, or a civilian supporting our men and women in combat in Afghanistan?” Coburn wrote.

“Instituting such a hiring freeze and re-assigning any of the necessary duties associated with each to current employees will allow federal agencies to adapt to the current fiscal realities without laying off or furloughing civil servants who are performing truly critical or absolutely necessary functions,” he added.
Government departments and agencies want to claim they have limited flexibility to deal with the budget sequester, but is all the usual political Washington speak.

Personally I am not worried.  The worst thing that can happen is spending cuts and what's wrong with that?
John Stossel - Shadowbosses
How public employee unions fuel relentless government growth.


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