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Monday, February 18, 2013

Marxist Brits now want to confistate private property

Socialist Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg wants to
invade your home and take your money.

Communism  -  The Marxists want to take your wealth
  • Now comes the British Marxist confiscation of private property.  The wealth of the nation will be re-distributed to those with needs.

Families will be forced to pay tax on jewellery and other heirlooms under controversial new plans drawn up by the Liberal Democrats.

Under the scheme, tax inspectors would get unprecedented new powers to go into homes and value rings, necklaces, paintings, furniture and other family treasures.

Householders would be forced to pay a new ‘wealth’ levy on the assets – with the threat of fines for those who refused to let snoops value their possessions.

A policy document seen by The Mail on Sunday spells out how the taxman ‘may have to visit homes to test values of jewellery, paintings, etc’.

Tax Hell  -  73% rates cripple UK families, killing 'aspiration nation' 
A new study reveals Britain as one of the toughest countries to live in when it comes to paying taxes. The research shows that some households are paying around 73 percent of their income into tax, with no hope of getting valuable benefits in return.

Another plan to extend the proposed mansion tax to include those with ‘buy to let’ and holiday homes is also being considered by Nick Clegg’s party.

Both the Lib Dems and Labour are already committed to introducing a mansion tax on individual properties worth over £2 million.

However, the document reveals the Deputy Prime Minister’s party is now looking to go much further and levy the tax if anyone’s total property holdings are worth more than £2 million.

That would mean those who had invested in buy-to-let flats or a holiday home could be caught by the tax, even if none of those properties was worth over £2 million on their own.

Commissioned by the party’s Federal Policy Committee, which includes Clegg and other senior Lib Dems, the report makes clear the party’s determination to force the better-off to pay more tax.

It lists, among a catalogue of proposals, a new ‘net wealth tax’ on personal assets, which would require taxpayers ‘to self-assess their net worth’ – which could then be checked by inspectors.

A similar scheme is already in place in France, with the levy paid on all‘global assets’ including cars, jewellery and investments – with French tax inspectors having the right to enter homes.

After his election last year, new Socialist president Francois Hollande more than doubled the main wealth tax rate from 0.25 per cent to 0.55 per cent for anyone with a ‘global fortune’ of between £690,000 and £1.1 million.
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