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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Conservative Pit Bulls and other time wasters

Sean Hannity (AP file photo)
Sometimes you need a pit bull to go after the bad guys.  But there is a point of overkill.  I for one am sick and tired of the mindless, non-thinking pit bull "Conservative" talking heads like Sean Hannity.  For Hannity and many other talkers it is all about ratings and making money.

The Pit Bulls of the American Right
  • Don't think.  Everything, no matter how small, is a crisis.  We are all going to die within days . . . . film at eleven.  Don't forget to tune in to my show and hear all about it.
  • Think for yourself.  Both the Conservative and Liberal Media have agendas, and truth is often left out in the endless quest to whip up an audience for Nielsen ratings points.

By Gary;

Raw red meat - ratings - money.  That is what 80% of the so-called "Conservative" talking heads are all about.  Truth and reason come in second place if they are addressed at all.

Follow the money trail.  Neither rational thought nor telling your GOP audience that the Republicans in Congress vote to destroy the nation will get you the ratings points needed to line your pockets with gold.  The real money is in ignoring facts and telling people what they want to hear.

Hannity and so many GOP hosts scream at the top of their lungs 24-7 for war in some nation somewhere or the latest "major" domestic issue of the Nielsen day.

  • When the GOP supported Comrade Obama's unconstitutional wars against Libya and Yemen did you hear one word of criticism?  No.  In fact, the Conservative talking heads urged even more unconstitutional wars without a vote of Congress.
  • Did the talking heads say one word when Democrats and Republicans voted together to have the military arrest and jail Americans without a trial?   No.  Not a word. 

Pat Buchanan stands out as a calm
voice of reason when put in the same
room as Sean Hannity.

The latest "crisis" for ratings is the nomination of GOP Senator Chuck Hagel. 
Again, to hear the Bullshit you would think the world will end any moment.   In fact, Hagel just might be the spawn an Satan himself.
On Thursday’s broadcast of “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity debated conservative commentator Pat Buchanan and former Democratic New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on whether or not former Republican Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel is qualified to serve as secretary of defense.

Although he was wrong on the 2007 U.S. surge in Iraq, Hagel is qualified for the job, Buchanan said, pointing to Hagel’s eventual disapproval of the U.S. presence in Iraq as one of those qualifications.

“I think Chuck Hagel is a good man, he is a patriot,” Buchanan said. “He has got an independent mind. I disagreed with him on the surge. I supported it. But I’ll tell you, I myself said that the Iraq War, the invasion and occupation of that country and killing thousands and thousands of people to deprive it of weapons it did not even have, weapons of mass destruction that were not there, I thought that was one of the greatest blunders in the American military history.”

Hannity, nearly drooling in rage ratings horror, insisted one of the disqualifications for Hagel was his recognition of the Iranian regime as legitimate.

But Buchanan acted as the voice of reason.  Buchanan noted the United States had diplomatic relations with Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin at one time as well.  But Hannity will have none of it.  It makes for good TV, but rational thinking is not included.

HANNITY: Come on, let’s go through this here. He said Iran’s government is elected and legitimate. His comment about — 
BUCHANAN: All right. Let me explain why. 
HANNITY: Come on, Pat? 
BUCHANAN: All right. Look, we had an embassy in Nazi Germany for eight years recognizing the government as legitimate. Was it wicked and evil? Yes. FDR recognized Stalin and his government in the middle of the wholesale massacre of the Ukrainian people. 
HANNITY: Do you really think that this is a legitimate, an elected government in Iran? 
BUCHANAN: Unfortunately, it’s legitimate, I think they stole the last election, but is it in the United Nations? Yes, it is. Should we talk to them? Yes, we should. 
HANNITY: Talking to them and whether or not they are legitimate and elected is a different story.

(Daily Caller)

The "Conservative" Media creates endless drama for ratings, but forgets to tell their audiences the truth of how the GOP and Democrats eagerly work together to violate the Constitution and created a centralized Police State. 

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