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Monday, February 4, 2013

Business pushes Congress for more imported labor

Americans could learn from China
Somehow the Chinese have managed to harvest their crops for thousands of years without importing Mexican labor.

California farmers are eager for immigration reform
  • The wealth of the nation is confiscated by Socialists and re-distributed to pay millions and millions of Americans citizens not to work while many jobs go unfilled.
  • Americans businesses push Congress for immigration "reform" so the flow of inexpensive labor keeps coming.

(Editor's Note  -  I have seen the horror of immigration and outsourcing first hand through my wife's employer outside of Los Angeles.  All the American citizens on the 2nd floor of her work were fired and the jobs outsourced to the Philippines.  Almost 90% of the 1st floor of her work is staffed by legal immigrant imported tech workers from India.  The Indians work through a temp agency so benefits do not have to be paid.  Welcome to the new America.)

In recent years many California farmers have struggled to find laborers as immigration from Mexico has slowed to a near standstill.

"When the crops are ripe, we need a reliable labor force," said Selma farm owner Carol Chandler . "That's what we're worried about going forward."

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Chandler farm are among the state's farmers who welcomed a move this week by Congress to make immigration reform a legislative priority this year.

Farmers claim chronic labor shortages, which have been exacerbated by deportations and a stronger Mexican economy.  But maybe workers are hard to find because the U.S. the government pays countless millions of Americans not to work.

Paying Americans not to work is a racist policy.  The government is saying that American citizens should not have to get their hands dirty working on farms, building fire breaks in the parks or shoveling snow.  Instead Government says, "Import Latinos for that work, and pay American citizens to sit on their asses and do nothing." 

Somehow Egyptians have managed to harvest
their crops for thousands of years without
importing Mexican labor. 

Businesses big and small love that cheaper imported labor and reward Congressmen and Senators with millions in campaign cash to keep the party going.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, roughly half of all hired crop farmworkers are in the country illegally. Of all workers, 7 of 10 are from Mexico, a country that has provided a steady supply of farm laborers to California since the middle of the last century.

With immigration reform back on the table this year, California farm groups are fiercely lobbying to make sure proposed legislation includes provisions for their workers.

But the latest push to tackle the highly politicized issue is "one of the best signs we've seen in a long time," said Ken Barbic, senior director of government affairs for Western Growers in Irvine, a trade group that represents farmers in California and Arizona.
If Congress passes legislation, "the folks who are currently working here with false documents, it takes them out of the shadows," Barbic said.

Barbic added that immigration reform would remove legal liabilities for employers who hire illegal immigrants.

"Some of these workers go back to Mexico on a regular basis," Olagaray said. When they travel, "they're fearful of something happening to them. With amnesty, it'll make them feel more comfortable. They'll also feel that they're part of society.… And it will make it easier for employers as well."
Everyone loves to suck on the
Public Teat instead of working.

Olagaray said that if immigration isn't resolved soon, labor shortages will become more pronounced. Last spring, he said he had trouble filling his usual crew to work on his vineyard, and other growers saw ripe crops languish in the fields.

Paul Wenger, president of the California Farm Bureau Federation, said farmers are well-aware that their industry is changing.

And although he agrees that a dwindling labor supply will cause problems further down the line, he said Congress should still pass immigration reform that will allow farmers to hire legal farmworkers.

"Within the next two decades, we're going to have a problem. A domestic workforce will not want to work in the fields," he said. "It's going to be a problem. But that still doesn't mean we shouldn't fix the problems that exist today."

(Los Angeles Times)

Exposed!  IRS Helping Illegal Immigrants
The national response to WTHR's "Tax Loophole" investigation has been huge. Millions of people have watched the videos that show how undocumented workers are tapping into an IRS loophole -- a loophole that allows illegal immigrants to claim billions of dollars in tax credits.

Somehow Kenyans have managed to harvest their crops for thousands
of years without importing Mexican labor.

For the sheltered among us - This is called a FARM. They grow food there.
This photo is from a 19th Century American farm back when Americans planted and harvested their own crops without imported labor.

America the Lazy.
Congress is looking at immigration "reform".  While some reform is needed, big and small businesses want reforms that import more inexpensive foreign workers while countless millions of Americans are PAID by the government to sit on their asses and do nothing.

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