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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Union and Democrat voter intimidation of Republicans

Florida Democrats and Union Thugs threaten GOP Poll Watchers with legal action
  • Comrade Eric Holder's "Justice" Department is silent.

AFL-CIO and Florida Democratic Party operatives indicate a new effort to keep citizens from acting as election observers and assisting in the maintenance of their local voter rolls.

Two Florida voters were in receipt of a letter last week threatening legal action should they “frivolously” challenge voter registration records, or as election workers in the polls. The union could give no justification for the threats.

Florida election code and federal law gives clear guidance for citizens to offer challenges to voter rolls keeping dead, duplicate, or ineligible ballots from being cast. Further, Florida code states, “[E]lectors or poll watchers shall not be subject to liability for any action taken in good faith and in furtherance of any activity or duty permitted of such electors or poll watchers by law,” reports Breitbart Big Government.

The AFL-CIO and Florida Democratic Party operatives’ attempt to intimidate voters from executing their rights to uphold election integrity could not be more blatant.

This recent threat is not unique, however. The Maryland Branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently began efforts to interrupt the removal of dead voters and duplicate voters that were originally discovered by citizen researchers. On September, 9 progressive groups threatened counties cooperating with True The Vote to maintain voter rolls after studies found evidence of more registered voters than living and eligible in counties.

The letter’s author, Alma R. Gonzales, is listed as Special Counsel to AFSCME Florida Council 79 and the Florida AFL-CIO’s Director of Voter Protection. In addition, she serves as the Treasurer for the Florida Democratic Party and is a voting member of the Democratic National Committee.


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