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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Death of the NBC Television

The NBC ratings decline was brought to everyone's attention with the
firing of Jay Leno.

The spin masters can say what they want, but NBC is sinking fast
  • Last week the poorly performing network had only one scripted program in the top 40 TV shows.

By Gary;

The first time I even bothered to think about the idiot management of the NBC network was when they fired Jay Leno for daring to be #1 in his time slot.  Yes, idiots.  Leno was #1 night after night and NBC felt the best possible business move was to fire him. 

And NBC got their wish . . . . lower ratings.

So while I was looking through the weekly Nielson Ratings I noticed that in the top 40 programs last week the NBC network had a grand total of one scripted show.  One show.  Staggering.  Their one hit was the new show "Revolution" which came in at #34.

NBC is pushing sports and the NFL does chart in the Nielsons for games.  But that is a losing proposition in the long run.  Football is not created by NBC and could easily jump to another channel leaving them with nothing.  Also there is huge money in reruns from I Love Lucy to Law and Order.  There is no long term money in reruns of old sports games.

The NBC news department has told 50% of their audience to go to Hell and has become an arm of the Democrat Party.  A great marketing move to drive away viewers.  The entertainment division is pretty much on life support with few ideas on how to appeal to the modern audience.

More news will no doubt follow.  Film at eleven.

NBC's new end of the world drama "Revolution" is virtually the network's only hit, but even that show fell one million viewers behind AMC's "The Walking Dead."

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