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Saturday, October 27, 2012

57% of London births are to the foreign-born

25% of all UK births are to foreign born mothers
  • Some 57% of London births are to foreigners.
  • The native population of Britain will vanish within a few generations.
  • But if you dare say out loud that your native culture has the right to exist then you are labeled as a "racist".

The Death of the West  -  Western Europe is being flooded with immigrants many of them from Muslim nations that hate the very nations and peoples that they are moving to live in.

A record number of nearly 200,000 babies were born to immigrant mothers last year, government figures revealed.

The children of women who were themselves born abroad made up nearly a quarter of all the babies born in Britain.

The report by the Office for National Statistics pointed to the growing impact on the population of the historically high levels of immigration in recent years reports the UK Daily Mail.

Muslims taking over London

It said understanding the impact of childbearing among migrants is ‘essential for planning services such as maternity provision and schools’. The figures showed that 24 per cent of births in 2011 were to women who had not themselves been born in Britain, which is the best indicator statisticians have for who is an immigrant.

In London, where a high proportion of migrants choose to live, the share of births to foreign-born mothers was well over half, 57 per cent.

The five countries from which the greatest numbers of foreign-born mothers came were Poland, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

The share of new babies born to migrant mothers has more than doubled in 20 years and continues to shoot up.

According to the ONS analysis, the number of babies born to British-born mothers barely changed in the five years from 2007 to 2011, up from 603,000 to 612,000.
However migrant mother births went up from 169,000 to 196,000, an increase of 16 per cent.

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9/11 British Media cover up Muslims in London

The British will soon be a minority in their own nation.
But somehow you are a "racist" when you say your culture has a right to exist.

General fertility rates for the top five non-UK maternal countries of birth and for UK born women in 2011. Pakistan is markedly highest, followed by Nigeria.

Graph showing live births in Britain between 2007 and 2011 to women from the top five countries (Office for National Statistics)

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