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Friday, October 26, 2012

Now the Food Police attack Pizza

The Food Nazis are Goosestepping.
Food Nazi proposed Government Warning Labels on pizza and juice.­  The pizza box has a picture of a liver discolored by fatty liver disease, a child's juice box featuring a photo of a foot affected by diabetic ulcers and other similarly grotesque warnings.

Think of the Children  -  The battle cry of every Big Brother Socialist who wants to control your life.
  • The next step is accusing parents of child abuse for feeding their kids fries or pizza.
  • The Leftists are also calling for higher taxes on foods not approved by the All Powerful State.

The Socialist Food Nazis are in full Goosestep mode.  Canadian doctors aim to stem their country’s obesity epidemic in a radical new way: Copying anti-smoking campaigns. They have suggested slapping threatening labels on pizzas, soda drinks and other junk food, warning of the diseases they might cause.

­The insane Leftist Ontario Medical Association (OMA) unveiled several mock-ups to promote their plan, including a pizza box with a picture of a liver discolored by fatty liver disease, a child's juice box featuring a photo of a foot affected by diabetic ulcers and other similarly grotesque warnings reports RT News.

“The recommendations… may appear radical to some, but the urgency of our situation demands aggressive action,” the OMA announced at the event. “The lessons learned from the strategies of the tobacco-control movement should be applied to the fight against obesity.”

"Warning Labels" on milk.

Doctors proposed several other measures to control obesity rates: Higher taxes on junk food and lower taxes on healthy products; putting health warnings on vendor displays; restrictions on marketing and sales in stores visited by children.

OMA President Doug Weir said that obesity-related diseases are already costing Ontario $2.2 to $2.5 billion a year. In Canada, 31.5 percent of children and teens are overweight or obese, the OMA reported.

The Ontario government, which has the authority to enact the OMA’s suggestions, said they would consider their opinions and refrained from commenting further.

“Food is not tobacco. Tobacco has no place in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A tax on food and beverages is nothing but a tax grab that will hurt lower- and middle-income Ontarians the most,” Phyllis Tanaka, a Vice President of Food and Consumer Products Canada (FCPC) said in a statement.

“I think it’s shocking that medical doctors would be comparing food to tobacco,” fellow FCPC Vice President Derek Nighbor told the National Post newspaper. “They’re demonizing individual products and certain categories, and they’re ignoring the overall balanced diet message, which I think is seriously irresponsible.”
(RT News)

Dr. Doug Weir, president of the Ontario Medical Association (Image from facebook.com/Ontariosdoctors/photos_stream)


Anonymous said...

More mugging from the shakedown artists! The obesity, and diabetic epidemic in this country is caused by government. Think about the idiotic government food pyramid scheme. Any person in the know simply turns the pyramid upside down, and implements it into their life. But government does what government does: Creates a crisis, and then claims to have the cure... at taxpayers expense.

Gary said...

They will have to take my pizza from my cold dead hands.