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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Karl Rove Targets Six Senate Races

Karl Rove is doing the heavy lifting to create a Conservative Majority in the Senate
  • Rove's Super Pacs are pouring in money to stop Marxism.

I have near zero respect for the so-called "Conservatives" under Bush that voted in Congress over and over again to massively grow a centralized Big Government state. 

But I must give credit to Karl Rove for all his work to elect non-Marxists to Congress.  They might end up being yet more Big Government Republicans but at least they put Lincoln's picture on their office wall instead of Che Guevara.

The conservative super PAC affiliated with Republican strategist Karl Rove has jumped back into the Indiana Senate race with a nearly $1 million ad buy highlighting Democratic nominee Joe Donnelly's support for President Barack Obama's policies.

The Washington Examimer says the Indiana buy is part of more than $6.4 million worth of air time that Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads bought this week against Democrats in six competitive Senate contests, according to Federal Election Commission records. The money was also dedicated to Senate races in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada and Wisconsin.

Crossroads Indiana Ad

Indiana, while appearing firmly in GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's camp, is emerging as a battleground state for control of the Senate. Groups supporting Democrats also have poured about $1.5 million into the race in the past six weeks, hoping to take away the seat held for 36 years by Republican Richard Lugar.

State Treasurer Richard Mourdock defeated Lugar in the Republican primary in May and was an early favorite to keep the seat in GOP hands.

Crossroads Wisconsin Ad

In Florida, American Crossroads appealed to the state's elderly population with a $1.8 million ad buy focused on changes to Medicare that were made in the health care bill. The ad claims that Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson cast the deciding vote for the bill, which it said cuts Medicare spending and puts an unelected board in charge of coverage decisions.

Republicans have not shied away from the Medicare issue in this year's House and Senate races.

Democrats are focusing their Medicare ads on a proposal by Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP vice presidential nominee, that would change the program for those under 55 from a fee-for-service program to one in which beneficiaries use a government subsidy to help buy insurance coverage.

Crossroads Virginia Ad

Meanwhile, Republicans are focusing criticism on the spending cuts called for in the Democratic-led health overhaul. Those cuts were directed at private insurers and hospitals.

In Virginia, the Crossroads ads highlight former Gov. Tim Kaine's comment during a debate that he could support making more people pay federal income taxes.

The group also focused on taxes in criticizing Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Rep. Shelley Berkley of Nevada and Rep. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin.
(Washington Examiner)

Crossroads Florida Ad

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