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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Inflation is here in a big way

Inflation is Here  -  Thank your Congressman

Everyday products have seen a drastic increased in prices.  That is not an accident. 

Bi-partisan government has vastly increased Federal spending to buy the votes of the folks back home with tons a "free" goodies.  That new spending was not paid for with new taxes.  The government has been printing the money or borrowing it.  So you have the classic case of more and more paper and digital money chasing the same number of goods and services available causing inflation.

According to research on data provided by the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, gas prices are not alone in skyrocketing over the last decade.

Gasoline [all types]

2002 Average – $1.44
2012 Average- $3.73
Percent Increase:


Beer [per 16 oz.]

2002 Average – $.99
2012 Average-$1.24
Percent Increase:


Eggs, grade A, large [per doz.]

2002 Average – $1.03
2012 Average-$1.80
Percent Increase:


Coffee, Ground Roast, All Sizes [per lb.]

2002 Average – $2.92
2012 Average-$5.58
Percent Increase:


Peanut Butter [per lb.]

2002 Average – $1.96
2012 Average-$2.75
Percent Increase:


Beef Steaks [per 16 oz.]

2002 Average – $4.40
2012 Average-$6.22
Percent Increase:


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The Olden Days When Gold and Silver was Money.
When gold and silver was money somehow the sun came up every day, children played, businesses did business, people went to work and lived their lives. But our ever so smart economists from the very best schools (who think loaning money to Greece is a good idea) tell us we are the "crazy" ones for wanting a stable gold backed currency and balanced budgets.

Sound Money and William McKinley
Once upon a time (in 1896) the GOP stood for Sound Money backed by gold. Since then they, along with the Democrats, have become insane big spenders printing endless "free" paper money to cover obscene Big Government spending in an endless quest to buy votes.

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