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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Twelve Camels Are Disqualified From Saudi Arabian Beauty Contest For Using Botox

They will keep you warm
on those cold desert nights

(Daily Mail)  -  Twelve camels have been disqualified from an annual Saudi beauty contest after their owners were found to have used Botox.

The animals were ejected from the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, taking place near Riyadh, for violating strict beauty contest rules. 

Cash prizes for camel competitions at the 28-day festival total $57million, so pressure to cheat can be intense.

A new handbook was issued to beauty contest entrants last year, Newshub reports.

'Camels that are found with drugs in the lips, shaved, dyed in any parts of the body, or with changes from natural form are not allowed,' the handbook says.

Aside from the beauty contest there are awards for camel racing, obedience training, camel hair art and the best photographs of camels.

Chief judge of the show, Fawzan al-Madi, told Reuters: 'The camel is a symbol of Saudi Arabia. 

'We used to preserve it out of necessity, now we preserve it as a pastime.'

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sand chronicle journal said...

weird kind of news
so why they got beauty camel contests ?
they in the gulf usually have those high priced betting camel races , that got the world awe about the "use" of small kids from pakisthan or india and so , as jockeys taking then from the families for a few dolars ... a way that is dump for use of jockey robots
they are more economic , don`t got world attention on human rights ( they are trying that also for building those high rise buildings and stadiums by hiring aliens from vulcan )

sand chronicle journal said...

how about that ?
funny doh !!

big thing

if i was a member of the ICS ( international Crime Syndicate ) may i got a iphone with music and talk loud as a crazed one ...