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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Pro-Communist Rap Music Pushed in China

I'll take the Russian version over
Chinese Communist Rap

China’s state media outlets have launched a new initiative to promote “rap with Chinese characteristics” after popular Chinese rapper PG One was forced to apologize this week for releasing songs that did not promote “core values” in the communist dictatorship.

PG One, who became nationally famous after appearing on the program The Rap of China, was forced to apologize for a 2015 song after government media highlighted its lyrics, which refer to cocaine use and non-consensual sexual interactions with a woman. The rapper blamed “black music” for his lyrics and promised to better adhere to the “core values” of Communist China in the future.

The incident appears to have triggered a debate within the state-run newspaper Global Times, which published an article promoting “patriotic” rap music on Monday, but followed it up with an opinion piece concluding that hip-hop cannot flourish in China because it is a music born of oppression, and Chinese communists are not oppressed. 

The “patriotic” rap group featured in the positive article, CD Rev, became famous for a propaganda song called “This Is China” and have also published songs that include profanity and racist, misogynistic lyrics. Unlike PG One, however, CD Rev’s racism is reserved for white people, and their misogyny for Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen.

“China hopes to transform local hip-hop into a positive influence but will punish those who cross the line,” the Global Times reported Monday. The article claims that most Chinese “applauded” the Communist Party banning dozens of rap songs it considered detrimental to the communist agenda in 2015 because Chinese people see “hip-hop culture” as “foreign and even inferior to them.” All is not lost, however, according to the newspaper, because of the rapping communists in CD Rev, who themselves took to social media to criticize PG One.

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funny one , and reckless daredevil said...

Funny .
Promoting a patriotic rap.
Its like that so call , nazi art , sheer classic lines , bound to order and discipline ... no dissent allowed ... or " degenered art " .
The same way that nazi art follow .
They are still to start plundering foreign art pieces as the nazis did .
Its the same history in dictatorships elsewhere .

funny one , and reckless daredevil said...

the cornered of art ... the buldozing of rebelion ... the conformation and paycheck of soldcultural agents ...
the end of art
the demise of freedom

ayn randy jr said...

thats all that you achieve when the State ruled on art , and "so call State or Patriotic values "
a scham ... a cultural scham
as boenhofer son in law said on nazi vindictive ways toward the jews
( then the Gestapo barrio honcho heard that , and force him to be the stamp rations officer in the neighborough ... a work nobody wants )
a kind of CDR , cuban like , state rule borough agents , that spy on citizens

ayn randy jr said...

The Hard Right , and the Hard Left are siblings of the same family ...
The Evils . Mrs Mary Evil , and Mr. Joe Evil .

ayn randy jr said...

they got two son`s
Adolf , and Joseph .
Adolf H . Evil and
Joseph V. Evil