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Monday, January 8, 2018

Chris Christie: I Would Have Been President If Not For Trump

Christie's Window of Opportunity
Closed in 2012

  • Windows of opportunity remain open for frustratingly short periods of time. Christie stormed on to the nation scene in 2009 in the start of an anti-Obama tide. I am certain he would have been the 2012 nominee beating the pussy Romney. . . . but by 2016 he was "shop worn" and no longer interesting.

(Daily Caller)  -  Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie believes that if President Donald Trump hadn’t entered the 2016 presidential race, he would have won the election.
Christie, who will be succeeded by Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, said he would have had a better chance at winning if it hadn’t been for Trump, according to a Sunday interview with NJ.com.
“It’s incredibly frustrating to think to yourself, ‘Wow, if this guy were not in the race, we’d win this thing,'” Christie said, reflecting on some internal polling from the campaign. “And I absolutely believe if Trump had not gotten into the race, I think we would have won.”
Shortly after ending his own presidential run in February 2016, Christie quickly backed Trump, throwing his support behind the then-presidential candidate. 
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