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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hollywood spits in the faces of the public - again

Hollywood Spits on You
Award shows are self-masturbatory
fantasies for the Hollywood Elites

I gave up watching these phony "award" shows years ago. Simply the Hollywood Elites hate the movies I enjoy watching.

The top ten movies of 2017
Not one film was nominated for best picture
If the public likes a film then Hollywood will ignore it.

RankTitle (click to view)Studio*
WorldwideDomestic / %Overseas / %
1Beauty and the Beast (2017)BV$1,263.5$504.039.9%$759.560.1%
2The Fate of the FuriousUni.$1,235.8$225.818.3%$1,010.081.7%
3Star Wars: The Last JediBV$1,040.4$517.149.7%$523.350.3%
4Despicable Me 3Uni.$1,033.5$264.625.6%$768.974.4%
5Spider-Man: HomecomingSony$880.2$334.238.0%$546.062.0%
6Wolf Warrior 2HC$870.3$2.70.3%$867.699.7%
7Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2BV$863.7$389.845.1%$473.954.9%
8Thor: RagnarokBV$848.0$311.436.7%$536.663.3%
9Wonder WomanWB$821.8$412.650.2%$409.349.8%
10Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesBV$794.9$172.621.7%$622.378.3%

As usual Hollywood ignored movies the public enjoyed and mostly nominated loser movies that almost no one had any desire to see.  I will continue my boycott of all of these phony award shows.

To the right of the movie is the worldwide box office in blue for that movie.
“Darkest Hour”               ------------ $78 million 

“Dunkirk”                        ----------- $525 million

“Phantom Thread”         ----------- $6 million

“Get Out”                       ----------- $254 million

“The Post”                     ----------- $55 million

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”  --------- $54 million

“The Shape of Water”   ---------- $39 million

“Lady Bird”                    ---------- $38 million

“Call Me by Your Name”  -------- $9 million


goddard was here yesterday said...

i understand this post
you are comparing the uncomparable ... on a misguided way
look ?!
FOR AGES THE BLOCKBUSTERS don`t are awarded ... some are often as Titanic and so ... thats not a usual Oscar academy way
But neverdless the Academy awarded movies with public awaress, general public , or most ... they got a kind of common , art sense , ... to award movies ... if are not full COMERCIAL Entertaitment , or if are not like those as like european State sponsor that nobody saw ... are good art pieces with general public aceptance , and value ...
a good way to be fair
with that onslaught of PC , "and grope by the pussy , pussy hats , gender wars " by that "dark hidden campaign" , maybe this year the academy award a " kind of no one go see that movie as boring it is" ...
but have some hope
they will still may rise that common sense
never those Marvel movies that you post it will won ... they are full entertainment , and don`t add nothing more than special good effects
keep a way to be a critical viewer

goddard was just left the building said...

one of our great past one independent director that was renowm for saying slang and foul words ( a good tactic to be known about ... ot farthing )... even put a 10 minutes blank movie pice in a movie , to joke on us , fool state taxpayers , as the Big Honcho State Master play friend with cultur agents
a must from 5 viewers movie goers art buff

goddard near left the builing still said...

pice ... google tradutor corrector : piece

peace brother !!!

chill out

and skip chili ... that may got pork

goddard near left the builing still said...

puzzle me the 500 milions boxoffice on dunkirk
a movie so dull and lame