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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Israel builds a 40-mile underground wall around Gaza

Killing Jews For Allah
Build a wall for security. What a concept.

  • Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.  There was a strange event a few months ago. A Liberal Jewish Democrat friend of mine got angry at me for being anti-Islam.  I asked him if he wanted Muslims to march into Israel and slaughter the Jews?  That made him even more angry and he claimed it was all Netanyahu's fault.  He teaches history but obviously has no clue that history actually pre-dates Netanyahu.  
  • Liberals can only see the world through politically correct "It's a small world" glasses where everyone does group hugs and joins in goat yoga classes.

(Telegraph)  -  Israel unveiled its plans for a vast underground wall around Gaza on Thursday, which military officials said would once and for all stop Hamas burrowing attack tunnels into Israeli territory

The £500 million subterranean concrete barrier will run for 40 miles along the entire Israeli-Gaza border and is the first underground border wall of its kind in the world. 

It is intended to prevent Hamas and other Islamist militant groups from using tunnels to launch surprise attacks into southern Israel.

A tunnel that Israel says was dug by the Islamic Jihad group leading from Gaza into Israel CREDIT: JACK GUEZ/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have destroyed three tunnels which infiltrated into Israel from Gaza in the last three months. A senior IDF official said he was confident that once the barrier was complete, tunnels would no longer pose a threat. “That will be it,” he said. 

The barrier is expected to be completed within two years, officials said, and less than three miles have been finished so far. Underground sensors will help to detect any future tunnels while a 9-meter tall fence will prevent crossings overground.

Israeli officials refused to say how deep the wall would go but it is believed to be up to 100 meters below ground in some places. 

The construction is taking place just a few dozen meters from the Gaza border and well within range of sniper fire from Hamas observations posts inside Gaza. Officials said Hamas had made no effort to disrupt the work for fear of Israeli retaliation strikes.

Construction workers, many of them Palestinians or foreigners, wear bulletproof vests and helmets as they move around the construction site. The military has built five concrete factories along the border dedicated entirely to making concrete for the enormous barrier.   

The Israeli teams are working six days a week, extending the underground wall by around 10 meters a day, and pause only for the Jewish day of rest on Saturday. Hamas is believed to have a similarly intense tunnel-digging operation inside Gaza. 

“Our guys rest on Saturday, their guys rest on Friday,” said one Israeli official, referring to the Islamic holy day on Fridays. 

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Gaza family kills member who allegedly acted as Israeli informant
(Guardian)  -  A family in Gaza has killed one of its own members for allegedly passing on information to Israel that led to the deaths of three Hamas militants, Palestinian sources said.

Hamas, which rules the territory, held Ahmad Said Barhoum for several months without trial before handing him over to the family, several of whose members belong to the Islamist movement.
Witnesses said Barhoum was shot dead in an open area of Rafah in southern Gaza shortly after the handover.
The shooting was attended by family members of the three Hamas militants killed in an Israeli air raid in the 2014 Gaza war with Israel.
One of the three killed was Mohammad Barhoum, a cousin of the alleged collaborator. All were militants of Hamas’s armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades.
“We carried out the punishment against our son Ahmad Said Barhoum after having been assured without a shadow of a doubt that he was implicated in the assassination [of the militants]”, the family said in a statement.
Hamas welcomed what it called “the execution of this criminal”.  Read More . . . .

Killing Infidels for Allah since 624 AD.

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