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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sh*tholes of the World

Oh The Horror
Trump actually called Shithole countries
Shithole countries

By Gary;

I am just laughing my ass off at the reaction to Trump calling Haiti and other nations shitholes.

These dumb ass people who pretend to be offended by foul language eagerly buy tickets to movies where fuck or shit is used in every second sentence.

Our country is made up of liars and pussies.


Those claiming to be offended by language but are not are simple liars trying to score political points.


Those who actually are offended by "bad words" need to grow up. You cannot stay a 5 year old forever. You guys are a bunch of ball-less pussies.

More importantly, who the Hell cares?

This is all just more made up anti-Trump "outrage".  Next week it will be another issue. . . . then another and then another. The truly bad part is the corrupt Corporate Media Machine beating the drum of the moment for political reasons while pretending they are reporting news.

The Truth About 'Sh*thole Countries'

Not all cultures are created equal

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hamilton the elder said...

theres goes sell-out Trump
only a paid off moron would said that