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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

GOP "Shock" Over FISA is Just More Lies and Hot Air

GOP Bullshit and Lies

  • Republicans parade in front of TV cameras saying are "shocked" at unconstitutional FISA spying on Trump while at the same time voting to renew unconstitutional FISA spying on all Americans.

By Gary;

It never ceases to amaze me the size of the balls on the corrupt liars in the Republican Party.

These creeps will go on interview shows pretending to care about the horrible misuse of the FISA courts while protecting the very unconstitutional spying they claim to be worried about.

Liars. Every damned one of them.

We are rapidly goosestepping to an American Police State with the full backing of Democrats and Republicans.

Many articles have pointed out that the FISA "courts" are simply rubber stamps for the new Secret Police. Thousands of phony warrants are automatically generated by these Secret Courts, and many are for spying on millions and millions of people at one time.

One memo noted that the FBI requested 48,642 national security letters, which require Internet and telecommunications companies to turn over information on their customers, and are typically accompanied by a gag order that prevents the companies from disclosing that the FBI has requested the data, oftentimes without any time limits.

For reasons of their own both parties are openly pissing on the Constitution.  Your freedoms so dearly bought with blood and death have no meaning to these hacks.

The GOP FISA "outrage" is as phony as a $3 bill.

The Republican controlled Congress has not only approved unconstitutional spying, but they have been the ones to deliberately hold the endless Russia hearings to destroy Trump and his supporters.

Republicans may not be Marxists like the Democrats, but they sure don't believe in the freedoms granted in our Constitution.

"I am shocked, shocked to find unconstitutional spying is going on here."
 Republicans claiming to be "shocked" about FISA are God Damned Fucking Liars. Both parties fully fund, protect and expand unconstitutional spying by the NSA and other groups.

The GOP-Dem Pillow Fight
Both phony parties hold pretend pillow fights for the TV cameras, but it largely boils down that little really changes.
For example, ever since the Reagan amnesty the GOP and Dems have worked together to make sure the borders stay wide open.  The Dems want more voters and Republicans cheap labor. Neither party gives a crap about American citizens.

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