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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Scumbag lawyers say coffee causes cancer

Everything Will Kill Us

  • But California says if we just pay corrupt lawyers millions of dollars then all will be right with the universe.

(AP/WCMH) — A judge in California will soon decide whether coffee should carry warnings stating that it contains chemicals known to the state to cause cancer.
A long-running lawsuit that claims Starbucks and about 90 other companies, including grocery stores and retail shops, failed to follow a state law requiring warning signs about hazardous chemicals found everywhere from household products to workplaces to the environment.
At the center of the dispute is acrylamide, a carcinogen found in cooked foods such as French fries that is also a natural byproduct of the coffee roasting process. The coffee industry has acknowledged the presence of the chemical but asserts it is at harmless levels and is outweighed by benefits from drinking coffee.
A verdict in favor of the little-known Council for Education and Research on Toxics could send a jolt through the industry with astronomical penalties possible and it could wake up a lot of consumers, though it’s unclear what effect it would have on coffee-drinking habits.
The lawyer taking on Big Coffee said the larger goal is to motivate the industry to remove the chemical from coffee, which would also benefit his own three-cup-a-day fix.
“I’m addicted — like two-thirds of the population,” attorney Raphael Metzger said. “I would like the industry to get acrylamide out of the coffee so my addiction doesn’t force me to ingest it.”
Under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, passed by voters as Proposition 65 in 1986, private citizens, advocacy groups and attorneys can sue on behalf of the state and collect a portion of civil penalties.
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It's official: Coffee is good for you, according to new research

Dozens of studies have shown the striking health benefits of coffee. Regardless, many in the general public continue to believe coffee consumption is something to cut back on, not something that has positive implications for those struggling with liver disease, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, among others.
"There's over 19,000 studies done on coffee and health. And it's very well-researched," Andrew Salisbury, Atlanta resident and founder of Purity Organic Coffee, told the AJC. "There's just a huge disconnect between what science knows about coffee and what the general public knows."
While traditional coffee sellers and producers focus primarily on taste, Salisbury founded Purity with health benefits as the main priority.
Health is "the only driver" for decisions made throughout the production process of Purity coffee, Salisbury explained. 
After his wife experienced some health issues three years ago, and self-medicated with coffee, Salisbury began researching coffee for himself. He was blown away by the scientific research demonstrating its positive effects. With the goal of getting the information out, he began researching to see how the health benefits could be maximized and promoted.  Read More . . .

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ralfie nadder jr said...

american coffee is a joke
a common jug of water and brown syrup of coffee molassus
thats over was we saw in 80 movies
now they sip fancy cups of paper , with names as colorfull as wall paper designs
a nonsense
lawsuits on consumer things are not the same since Erin Brockvitch