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Thursday, January 25, 2018

San Francisco abolishes Columbus Day - Now its Indigenous Peoples Day

Grass hut of Chumash California Indians

Leftists Abolish Italian History

  • Only Leftist Democrat Loons would glorify Indians living in total poverty in dirty grass huts while voting to abolish the history of Italy.
  • To insane Democrats European Americans have no right to a history or a culture.

(San Francisco Chronicle)  -  Goodbye, Columbus.
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to remove Christopher Columbus’ name from his commemorative day in October, and instead honor the indigenous people living in California long before it was discovered by European explorers.
The second Monday in October will now be known as Indigenous Peoples Day.
The 10-1 vote on the resolution sponsored by Supervisor Malia Cohen elicited cheers and jeers in the board chambers. It came after the board rejected Aaron Peskin’s request that it be postponed.
Peskin, the lone dissenter, said he had been snowed with emails from Italian Americans in his district, which includes North Beach — home of Columbus Avenue. Many of them mark Columbus day as part of their own ancestral heritage.
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Not all cultures are created equal
Grass Huts
Saint Peter's Square

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