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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Trump's Generals Aim Missiles at Syrians NOT ISIS

The Unconstitutional Syrian War

  • Both corrupt political parties eagerly and openly piss on the Constitution getting us into wars all over the world without a public debate or vote by Congress.
  • Again I ask, what the Hell are American troops doing in Syria?
  • Keep in mind that just like Afghanistan we will be told that we can NEVER LEAVE Syria because then the region could dissolve in chaos.

(AFP) - Russia on Thursday accused the US-led coalition of deploying missiles against Syrian troops at a garrison in the east of the country, where rebels battling the Islamic State group are being trained.
In a statement, the defence ministry said the "United States has moved two HIMARS multiple rocket launchers from Jordan to the Al-Tanaf US special forces base."
That suggested that the equipment would be used for strikes against Syrian government forces, the statement added.
"Deploying any type of foreign weapons on Syrian territory... must be approved by the government of the sovereign country," it said.
Rand Paul and I care about the Constitution,
but no one else in America does.

"Forces of the US-led anti-IS coalition have repeatedly issued strikes on Syrian government forces fighting ISIS near the Jordanian border.
"It's not hard to guess that similar strikes will be continued against contingents of the Syrian army in the future using HIMARS," it said.
In Washington, a US Defense Department confirmed the deployment of the HIMARS system to the base, but did not say how many.
The HIMARS system, mounted on a lorry, fires GPS-guided rockets with a range of 70 kilometres (43 miles).
Another version of the system fires small GPS-guided missiles with a range of 300 kilometres, but it is not know which type has been deployed.

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James Madison's 1812 Declaration of War
"The power to declare war, including the power of judging the causes of war, is fully and exclusively vested in the legislature."
James Madison
Founding Father of the United States

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Deconfliction Zone

The International Coalition for Operation Inherent Resolve—responsible for U.S. military operations in the fight against ISIS—confirmed in a statement Tuesday afternoon. According to the Coalition, Syrian and allied forces breached an established deconfliction zone on Tuesday near al-Tanf, the site of a U.S. military base in southern Syria. U.S. special forces have been training Syrian opposition troops in the area for months in an effort to better combat ISIS.

Syrian and allied forces were reportedly warned multiple times not to enter the deconfliction zone, but ignored U.S. orders. The Coalition provided further detail:

Despite previous warnings, pro-regime forces entered the agreed-upon de-confliction zone with a tank, artillery, anti-aircraft weapons, armed technical vehicles and more than 60 soldiers posing a threat to Coalition and partner forces based at the At Tanf Garrison.

The Coalition issued several warning via the de-confliction line prior to destroying two artillery pieces, an anti-aircraft weapon, and damaging a tank.
The statement concluded by saying that “the Coalition does not seek to fight Syrian regime or pro-regime forces but remains ready to defend themselves if pro-regime forces refuse to vacate the de-confliction zone.”