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Monday, June 19, 2017

Nationalism totally collapses in France

Open Borders Wins in a Landslide
Europe is Dead and can no longer defend itself

  • Islamic terrorism is on the rise in France and illegal alien Muslims flood Europe.
  • With that background, Marine Le Pen's anti-Islam National Front Party won a grand total of only 8 seats in a 577 seat French Parliament.

French President Emmanuel Macron won a large majority in the lower house of parliament Sunday, freeing his hand to carry out an agenda that includes overhauling a rigid labor code reports Politico.

An alliance led by Macron’s centrist La République En Marche (LRM) party won 350 seats out of 577 in the National Assembly, well over the threshold for an absolute majority.

Anti-Islam Nationalists only won 8 seats

Macron’s main opposition in parliament will come from the conservative Les Républicains party and its allies, who together won 131 seats. But the conservatives are divided and demoralized, with one faction that wants to cooperate with Macron and another that aims to oppose him at every turn.

“The Right missed its rendezvous with the French people,” said conservative former Budget Minister Valérie Pécresse. “This is the end of an era … We need to rebuild everything from floor to ceiling.”

After five years of deeply unpopular rule by Macron’s predecessor, François Hollande, voters punished the ex-president’s Socialist Party, which won just 29 seats with its allies claiming a further 15 — a world away from the more than 330 seats they held in the last legislature.

Marine Le Pen won a seat in the French parliament for the first time, as did Louis Aliot and six other candidates from her National Front pary. But Florian Philippot, architect of the party’s anti-euro stance, failed to win a seat, and the National Front fell well short of its aim of taking 15 seats.

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Anti-Muslim immigration leader Marine Le Pen won a seat in Parliament but her party was in total collapse.


Anonymous said...

what do you think would happen ?
how surprised are you ?
i`m not ...
Macron cannot handle the job .France as a world economic power are done , and as na european one is almost over ... unless they beg germans help

Anonymous said...

and germans are fool enough to do it ... unless they got back alsace and lotheringhen ... as Angie would said to Manu Macro , if one day that happen ...
than on poland and the chech what they can trade from pomerania , east slice of prussia , silesia , or the sudetenland ?
migrants ?