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Monday, June 26, 2017

Cops filmed themselves having SEX while they were on duty

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(The Sun)  -  A PAIR of horny cops are at the heart of a sex scandal in Mexico after their sex tape allegedly filmed in a police station was leaked online.
The male cop is believed to have shared the footage with colleagues in the city of Monclova in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila.
But the camera phone clip has now been leaked onto the internet, much to the outrage of the Mexican public.
The clip shows the officers, identified only as Duvelsa N. and Reymundo N., in the toilets at the station.
They can both be seen wearing uniforms with the Mexican flag clearly visible on the sleeves.
The woman officer can be seen on her knees, giving oral sex to her male colleague.
She then stands up and he is filmed groping her breasts through her dark blue top.
The pair then have sex during the clip, with the woman officer filmed bent over with her trousers down and her shirt pulled up.
A clip of the bonking cops has now been posted onto YouTube, receiving more than 250,000 views.
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Female police officers in Mexico forced to undergo ‘attractiveness inspections’

(Metro)  -  Women working for an all-female police unit in Mexico have issued complaints after they were subject to ‘attractiveness inspections’.

The inspections, which focused on officers’ weight and appearance, were led by male superiors in the Mexican city of Queretaro.

Two officers have since launched complaints to the state’s human rights commission, Maricruz Ocampo, of Coincidir Mujeres, an NGO supporting the women, told the Guardian.

Ocampo said one officer singled out a woman who recently lost a baby, calling her ‘paunchy’.

Ms Ocampo said: ‘The women said, ‘I trained to be a police officer, not a showgirl.”

A shocking testimony from a Queretaro police officer was shared on the Coincidir Mujeres Facebook page.

Like cattle, we went through several ballots… The atmosphere was filled with rage, helplessness, frustration, sadness.

These accusations surfaced during a police strike in the city calling for police chief, Rolando Eugenio Hidalgo Eddy, to resign.

Hidalgo Eddy previously set up a team of female officers in Aguascalientes who were made to wear high-heels and tight clothing.

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Anonymous said...

its a thing that society must fight and skip ... but thats a hard thing to happen cause " beauty" bias is a trend from all peoples and societies ...
merit is far from be the main way to level equal oportunities for people ...
if so Meg Kelly maybe wasn`t not selected in the first interwiew ... even if she became a fierce ( not by my own criteria ) journalist ...
think of those wheater girls , or now the sports anchor girls ... all mosthly babes
the "beauty bias" is there to be seem ... but someone for been a beauty must not be put aside for any kind of job on that basis ...
there to say that beauty is a ... always first and ... a direct way ... , that someone has to ...show "merit" too ... the reverse is not so clear to happen ...
a ugly one may be put aside , even if he or she are bound to got the qualities for a competent worker ... as taht is a shame on societie ... but thats so in this "jungle " of live ...
and there are other ways to ...
as to say those female officers don`t needed to be "beauty queens" to do that police work ...
thats unfortunate to happen on a sexist society ...