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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A non-Marxist wins in Georgia - Should we care?

By Gary;

There is bad news and kinda, sorta good news.

The Kinda, Sorta Good News:

A non-Marxist Republican won the special election in Georgia.

Bad News:

A non-Marxist Republican won the special election in Georgia.

The bottom line is a Republican won, but what exactly is a Republican?

It is fact that the GOP believes in:

  • Open borders for both legals and illegals in order to drive down wages
  • The GOP wants open borders in order to export middle class jobs
  • The GOP fully funds the 1984 Police Surveillance State
  • They fund every government program ever created by a Democrat
  • They ring up trillions in new debt etc. etc. etc.

Looking Venezuela I guess a GOP non-Marxist is kinda, sorta better than a True Believer Democrat Marxist, but it sure is a Hell of a close call.

American elections are basically a tug of war between the supporters of Karl Marx and the supporters of Big Brother.

So what will we get from this new GOP Congresswoman from Georgia?

I suspect she will follow the party line of all the above and more.  The march to 1984 will continue.

What the GOP stands for is a mystery to me.
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GOP (abbreviation for Grand Old Party)

Anonymous said...

that assumption on chosing between karl mark or big brother is well said ... sometimes it`s both