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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trump Border Wall Prototypes Built This Summer

(New York Times)  -  The Department of Homeland Security will start construction of prototypes for a border wall this summer in the San Diego area, agency officials said on Tuesday, the first step in fulfilling a campaign promise made by President Trump.

Homeland security officials said the prototypes would be added to the existing border walls in San Diego and would allow the agency to evaluate which barriers are most effective in giving Border Patrol agents time to respond to illegal drugs and human smuggling. Officials said they planned to build four to eight prototypes but did not say when construction would begin.

“We own that land, have access to it and it’s a good place to start testing in a real-world environment,” Ronald D. Vitiello, acting deputy commissioner at Customs and Border Protection, said at a news briefing.

John F. Kelly, the secretary of homeland security, has said that there are no plans to build a wall along all 1,900 miles of the border with Mexico, which Mr. Vitiello has also said.

Mr. Vitiello added that the agency had identified about 130 miles that would be unsuitable for a border wall because of bodies of water or other challenging terrain.

Officials at Customs and Border Protection say they have received hundreds of bids for prototypes, but the agency has not yet chosen vendors.

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Anonymous said...

those prototypes must be done already ... what in hell those arquitects are doing ?
the solar papel one is my choice ... those can give electric power to a up front fence on cartel mules ... that will bring fireworks if they are packed with ammunitions , or a weed mist , if they carried cannabis sativa ... a kind of chech and chong one

Anonymous said...

those works must adress the israeli contracters ... they build uncrossable walls since a few decades ago ...
on concrete cement blocs ... they give a beautifull grafitti Wall to work by ... only near S.Diego theres a few yards on that , that a few artists made canvas about it