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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Fear the Walking Dead" circles the drain

Driving The Audience to Drink
With So-So Scripts & Acting

By Gary;

I look back at my old enthusiastic reviews of Fear the Walking Dead and can't but help wonder what happened.

The idea of following the Zombie Apocalypse from the start in Los Angeles held out opportunities for new and interesting story lines. But the plots were slow to develop and failed to soar.

It was a combo of often 2nd rating acting for many cast members and boring characters that I wanted to see eaten combined with average at best scripts.

A Ratings Fee Fall

The premiere of “Fear the Walking Dead” made television history, delivering 10.1 million live/same day viewers and becoming the #1 series premiere in cable television history.  The some 6.3 million adults in the 18-49 demographic was a home run.

This last Sunday's show saw the prime 18 to 49 group sink to 1.9 million.   That is a 55% drop over season 2.

The high point of the series for me was the characters escaping L.A. on Colman Domingo's (Victor Strand) yatch.  Domingo is the most interesting character in the show, but was largely sidelined in favor of other characters.

A vicious Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) was also shoved to one side after a promising start.  Sad.  He could have developed into a classic bad ass willing to torture anyone to reach his goals.

Basically the series went south, literally, when it landed in Mexico to take advantage of big tax credits for production.  Fans were not interested in a Spanish language show with English sub-titles.

I will say the first three episodes of season 3 have improved a bit.  So I will hang in their.  But I suspect the series is circling the drain.

Fear the Walking Dead

Zombies should eat them all
for the crime of 2nd rate acting.

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Anonymous said...

round and round ... as before Lost and Prison Break
you better re run flipper again