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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Why aren't Comey and Hillary in jail with Reality Winner?

The Elites Are Above The Law

  • Steal $300 from a gas station and the cops chase you down, district attorneys put you in jail and throw away the key..
  • Steal hundreds of billions in crooked real estate loan fraud, plus collapse the U.S. economy and you get a government bail out and no one goes to jail.
  • The corrupt Oligarchs protect themselves. 

(World Net Daily)  -  We can all rest easy, now that a 25-year-old former U.S. Air Force linguist has been locked up without bail, accused of leaking a fact-free, Russia-hacked-the-election memo from the NSA. The culture of leaking is over. Ms. Reality is locked up and awaiting trial.
It seems odd, though, because former FBI Director James Comey this week testified under oath that he leaked an FBI document to one of his law professor buddies so that guy (now in hiding) could send it to the newspapers. So far, there’s good evidence Comey has leaked nine documents. He’s still free and up to his old tricks.
Nor do we want to forget the grandmother of leaking, Hillary Clinton. As Obama’s secretary of state, Dame Hillary actually automated the entire leaking process by receiving and sending classified documents on her unsecured, home-brew server, enabling just anyone to drop by and pick up a copy.
The little crooks go to jail.
The big crooks retire to the Hamptons

Sometimes Hillary had Huma send classified documents home to the Weiner for safe-keeping on his laptop. Really, I don’t know why they didn’t just post them on Fakebook. This leaking automation did, however, leave Hillary plenty of time to run a pay-to-play Clinton Foundation business on the side, selling access rather than secrets. My, she would have been a busy president, wouldn’t she, making good on all those access appointments she sold while still at State.
The point is: reality requires that Reality should be flanked by Comey in the jail cell on her left and by Hillary in the cell on her right. All three of them need to be held without bail, because they are continued leaking and flight risks while they are awaiting trial, which hopefully will be followed by 15-year prison terms.
By now it should be clear that reality doesn’t work the way Reality thought it did. At least not for her. For this she has to thank her parents, teachers, social media friends, most of big media and the culture of insanity that reached its peak under the fake presidency of Barack Obama and the tangle of underlings he left behind to gum up the works after he was gone.
Fake reality only works while you have an adequate supply of other people’s money, which is what protects it from the real world.
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