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Thursday, June 29, 2017

ISIS members can't get jobs in Europe

The Death of the West

  • Retarded Sweden is not only allowing ISIS terrorists to enter the country, but they also give them housing, education and financial support.

(Newsweek)  -  The first thing an employer will ask about a resume is any gaps between jobs. But they probably wouldn't suspect that an applicant for a certain role who seems to have been unemployed for a few years was busy fighting for the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).
Jihadis returning to their home countries in Europe are now finding out the hard way, and many cannot get a job as they try to reintegrate into western society.
Swedish daily newspaper Expressen interviewed former jihadis about life after ISIS and they discussed the challenges of finding work. As many as 150 have returned to the Scandinavian country to try and rebuild their lives.
“I just want to forget everything,” Walad Yousef, a 27-year-old returning fighter, told the newspaper. “I apply for a lot of jobs, but I can’t get any because my pictures are out there.”
"You in the media have scared them. I do not know why they are afraid," said a jihadi from the southern city of Malmo of the fears that employees and civilians had of returning foreign fighters.
Sweden is one the best countries for a foreign fighter to return if they want to reintegrate. It is trialling a rehabilitation programme that gives Swedish extremists housing, employment, education and financial support.

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Anonymous said...

CNN had a piece on a belgian jihadi that are on a belgian social security payroll ... he joke about that on carissa ward face ...
funny to the core ... he got a house , and make a tea to him on that piece ...
pretty funny that kid ... he just a kid ... a converted one ... once a cristian altar boy ...
in sweden i think those perks are bigger than in belgiam ... maybe a truck learning lessons too ... as the one asylum drop out that ran over people a few months ago , killing two ... i think
really , nobody cares ... they made a few candles in the wind , flower demos , and thats it ...