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Monday, July 6, 2015

SHEEPLE Ted Cruz supporters give him $51 million

The average Sheeple Ted Cruz voter

The Sheeple Line Up To Be Screwed
Moron voters can't wait to be screwed by Ted Cruz,
a man with a lust for power and no principles.

By Gary;

I just can't stop screaming at the headlines on Drudge and Breitbart.

I keep asking myself, "Are people really that fucking stupid?"  And the unfortunate answer that keeps coming back is "Hell yes!"

The latest headline is the mindless and the corrupt have teamed up together and have given GOP Senator Ted Cruz $51 million in the last 90 days for his Presidential campaign.

The corrupt part is obvious.  A billionaire hedge fund manager and his allies raised $31 million for Cruz in just one week.  I am sure that these well connected Wall Street vipers have only altruistic intentions in mind.  No way are they trying to buy influence in government.  That would be so wrong.

I expect the corrupt to buy the politicians of their choice.  Thus it has ever been and thus it ever will be.

But of real interest to me is just how ignorant the voters are . . . . the ones who mindless cheer Cruz and who gave him the other $20 million he collected.


Dear Leader Obama's corrupt trade deal is still under lock and key.  Not one member of the public has been allowed to read it. But to appease an open borders Wall Street, Ted Cruz was furiously beating the Obamatrade drum up to the very last second.

Then just hours before the vote Breitbart News reported that Cruz flipped his support from yes to no after he "magically" discovered that the bill he had been backing for months gives Obama even more power to open our borders wide to more immigration.

SHOCK.  Say it isn't so.

I am sure it was not a factor at all that the first Presidential debate is rapidly coming up and the white hot spotlight of the Conservative Internet press was shining on him.  The people were seeing him for the phony he is.  So suddenly Cruz becomes an enemy of Obamatrade.

As an added bonus this "free" trade agreement that Cruz pushed for months would ship even more middle class jobs to Asia leaving America a shrunken and poorer nation than before.

Abolishing the Supreme Court

With a "massive" 4% in the Presidential polls, Cruz knew he had to do something fast to breath life into a failing campaign.  So Cruz jumped on destroying the Supreme Court in the name him gaining power.

Because the Court ruled in favor of Gay marriage Cruz proposed a Constitutional amendment putting Supreme Court justices on the ballot.

Our Founding Fathers deliberatly wanted an independent court.  But the supremely ambitious Cruz wants the voters to be able to throw Supreme Court justices out in popular elections.

Imagine pro-2nd Amendment judges being on the ballot for Democrat Leftists to vote against.

Cruz is supremely ambitious.  He has proven to be out for himself, and he will use any issue to advance himself to power.

But the mindless Sheeple continue to applaud his lies and send him money.

Totally Screwed: 
Obama Given Fast-Track Authority and Ted Cruz backed Obamatrade for months up until the very last second.

Yes, Sheeple are Stupid
Every two years the mindless, mouth-breathing Sheeple voters are given a phony "choice" between two predators.  The concept that they could actually vote for a third party that is not out to fuck them over never even enters into their small brains.
"Baaa", bleat the Sheeple, "we must support our Masters."

"If God didn't want them sheared, he would 
not have made them sheep."

The Magnificent Seven

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