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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bipartisan Open Borders - America is Doomed

Aliens Pour into America
  • Both open borders parties support the screwing over of American citizens, and there is nothing we can do to stop them.  Say goodbye to the America that you knew.

By Gary;

It has been decided for you.

The Elites of Wall Street, the GOP and the Democrats have decided to do everything in their power to destroy the American middle class.

The most recent story has illegals outnumbering American unemployed by 11 million to 9 million.  The horrible truth is far worse with illegals running closer to 30 million and "legal" immigrants in the millions more.

Bottom line this.  Conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat - it all means nothing.  This immigration insanity is an act of bipartisan gang rape, and honestly no one is going to stop it.  America as we knew it is doomed.

A financially independent Donald Trump might address these issues, but I still don't think Trump's campaign is serious.  At this point I put his campaign as a "bucket list" item.

Bipartisan Open Borders Immigration

The Democrats are living a Leftist wet-dream fantasy of aborting the native population and replacing American citizens with the citizens of foreign nations.

The open borders GOP is the greatest evil.  On the orders of their Wall Street Masters the GOP sold out the American people to import millions of legal and illegal aliens to drive down wages.

The Republicans talk as if they have no control over anything.  Someone else is in charge, not us.  But the GOP has controlled the House for 16 out of 20 years and the Senate and White House for many other years.  Most of the 30 million plus aliens came in on their watch.

Together the one Republicrat Party that rules American has decided the fate of Americans - extinction.  We are to be replaced by the citizens of foreign nations.

Bipartisan Open Borders "Free" Trade

Say goodbye to middle class jobs.  Backed by a Democrat Congress, Republican George H.W. Bush pushed through the NAFTA "free trade".  Since then millions of manufacturing jobs have vanished.

Now it is reversed.  We have a Democrat President, backed by a GOP Congress, ramming through the top secret Obamatrade bill that no one is allowed to read.  This treaty will kill what is left of the American worker.

No American can compete with Vietnamese Communists who work for $150 a month.  That is why Nike moved their factories to Communist Vietnam years ago.  The Communists work with Nike to make sure labor unions do not form and wages are kept low.

Right now only 39% of U.S. youth have jobs.  That future of unemployment and poverty is what both parties want for you . . . . and you Sheeple voters keep voting for the same bastards who are screwing you.

Jobs - The Issue of Our Time

Both parties are working together to import countless legal foreigners to replace American citizen workers.  Add in the endless millions of illegal aliens allowed in over the decades and you see why wages are trend downward and permanent unemployment trending up.

Frankly neither party has any interest in changing the system, and because Wall Street funds both parties there is a financial incentive to make it worse.

Thanks to the GOP and the Dems you can say goodbye to middle class jobs and hello to a future of increasing American poverty. . . . but I can guarantee that you Sheeple will still vote for the same collection of scumbags because that have that magic "R" or "D" after their names.

Since we are doom anyway I guess I might as well vote for Trump.

Bipartisan "Free" Trade Kills Jobs
Millions of middle class jobs flee to Mexico and Asia
never to return.

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