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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Obama's Iranian nuke deal is not the end of the world

Soviet and British Empire Indian soldiers meet in the 1941 invasion of Iran.

Paranoid Iran
You are not paranoid if they really are after you!

By Gary;

First let me say that a nuke free Middle East is in everyone's best interests.

Second, under our Constitution the Senate has the right to approve any treaty negotiated by any President.  Period.  Subject closed.

But I find it interesting that the Washington D.C. Elites are soiling their pants over U.N. inspectors going into Iran, but there was silence from them when the top secret Obamatrade treaty was rammed through with no one being able to read it.

Bottom Line:  Iran is already working on nuclear power no matter what the world says.  So why not put some kind of treaty in place that delays a nuke program and allows international inspections?

Somehow I suspect that the world will not end if inspectors are inspecting.  I also believe that a lot of the fuss is politically related to dumping on Obama going into the 2016 Presidential race.  Democrats want to look independent while Republicans want to fire up their base.

There are only two alternatives to a treaty.

  1. Allow things to go on as they are currently.
  2. War.

Call me "crazy" but I don't think the U.S. run wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya turned out very well.  Allowing the Iranians to keep going does not work either.  So why not try a treaty?

Paranoia in Iran

I understand that rational thought is never a top priority in politics.  Name calling works so much better.  But the Iranians have real fears.

Simply, Iran is paranoid for good reasons.  For centuries they have been invaded by all of their neighbors and have had their provinces stolen from them.

The Persians (Iran) have been attacked by imperial Russia, the British Empire, the Soviet Union, Iraq and the U.S. had the CIA overthrow their elected government and put an absolute monarchy in power.

The Soviet Union moved in and created the puppet Kurdish People's Republic in late 1945. Iranian government troops sent to reestablish control were blocked by Soviet Red Army units.  Also a Soviet-backed separatist People's Republic of Azerbaijan was founded. 

The Iranians rightly feel threatened by everyone around them.  From their point of view having nukes will keep predators away.

The warmongers scream about Iran being a state sponsor of terrorism.  True to a degree.  But what they fail to tell you is the U.S. and our Islamist allies of Turkey and Saudi Arabia and flooding the Middle East with weapons for Islamist groups.

I want to see more details on the Obama treaty.  But really, what is the alternative?

The Russian and British invasion of Iran in 1941.
I can't imagine why Iranians would be worried

and want nukes to defend themselves.

Invading Iran
Iran keeps getting invaded by their neighbors

In 1941 the Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy attacked from the Persian Gulf as well as by land and air, from Iraq.
Meanwhile, the Soviets invaded from the north, mostly from Transcaucasia, with their 44th, 47th and 53rd Armies of the Transcaucasian Front under General Dmitry Timofeyevich Kozlov, occupying Iran's northern provinces. Air force and naval units also participated in the battle. The Soviets mostly used the T-26 tank for their combat operations, and they alone had over 1,000 tanks.
Six days after the invasion and the ensuing Allied occupation of southern Iran, the British divisions previously known as "Iraq Command" (also known as Iraqforce) were renamed "Persia and Iraq Force" (Paiforce), under the command of Lieutenant-General Edward Quinan. Paiforce was made up of the 8th and 10th Indian Infantry Divisions, 2nd Indian Armoured Brigade, 4th British Cavalry Brigade (later renamed 9th Armoured Brigade) and the 21st Indian Infantry Brigade.
The invading Allies had 200,000 troops overall, in addition to modern aircraft, tanks, and artillery.

1911 cartoon of the British Lion and the Russian Bear dividing up Persia.
See More: Anglo-Russian Entente of 1907.

Stealing Iran
Click to enlarge.
Persian lands stolen from them by the Russian, British and Ottoman Empires.  Call me "crazy" but with foreigners stealing my country I might be paranoid too.

British and Soviet officers inspect troops, in preparations to the Joint Russo-British
military parade in Tehran. Iran, September 1941.

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