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Friday, July 24, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

From the 
"What the Fuck was that?"

By Gary;

I have been avoiding the new Mad Max.  Just has negative vibs.  Can't say why.

Well I decided to give in when it hit the local discount theater.  I figured if it stunk I would only be out $3.

For lack of better words, I am totally blown away by this re-boot version.  It is off the charts visually stunning.  You totally believe this apocalyptic world could exist.  The action is non-stop as it should be.

On the down side, I am not sure they actually had a script.  The actors (if you can call them that) were basically hired meat sacks that existed to pull triggers or hit people.

The odd thing is Mad Max was not in his own movie.

Tom Hardy who did Max really did suck bad.  But worse, the character of Max was not central to the film.  If Max had died 10 minutes in you would not have noticed he was missing.

Whatever failings the film has the public wants more.  The movie racked up $367 million worldwide.  Max will return.

For those who have been on the fence about seeing the film don't delay.  It is worth a widescreen viewing.

You can't beat Mel Gibson's version of Max.

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