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Monday, July 6, 2015

Call For an "Assembly of the States" in May 2016

Conventions Are Uniquely American

  • Here is a call that is long past due for a Convention of the States to address the vast overreach of the Federal Government.
  • But the real question of the day is:  Is it too late?  Have the 50 states simply become rubber stamps for the special interest funded Washington D.C. Elites? 
  • I suspect there is no will power for change.  Even the Tea Party movement planted their lips deeply in the ass of Speaker John Boehner.  Political hacks are drawn to the flame of POWER not liberty.

by Michael Patrick Leahy

(Breitbart News)  -  It is time for states to undertake specific steps to re-assert their 10th amendment rights against the usurpations of the federal government.

We are, after all, the United States of America, not the United Federal Government of America.
Here’s my proposal for a starting point:
One state legislature can pass an act for it to host an “Assembly of the States” whose purpose will be to identify and share best practices for the assertion by the states of their 10th amendment rights among the several states.
How about a Convention of States?
Photograph. of U.S. Senator Pat Harrison giving keynote address
at the 1924 Democratic National Convention.

People's Party candidate nominating convention held at
Columbus, Nebraska, July 15, 1890.

National Prohibition Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1892.

Topics to be addressed would be practical and timely:
(1) Which federal grants (presumably almost all) make the most sense for a state to reject and what are the best ways to deal with the real world consequences of those rejections?
(2) What specific actions shall be taken to resist unconstitutional Supreme Court decisions?
(3) What specific actions should be taken to resist egregious and unlawful federal regulations and which regulations are most deserving of resistance?
(4) What practical free-market health care policies can be introduced at the state level that will improve the availability and delivery of health care services to residents of each state, given the federal government’s ever increasing tentacles of control in that sector of the economy?
The recommendations of the Assembly of the States are not designed to be binding on any individual state; rather they are a set of suggestions for effective actions each state can undertake to restore its constitutionally granted sovereignty based on thoughtful consideration and actual experience.
The proposed Assembly of the States is not an Article V Convention of the States as recommended by conservative author Mark Levin, but there would be no restriction upon the Assembly discussing proposed constitutional amendments for the consideration of any future Convention of the States.
The concept of an Assembly of the States is not entirely original. Several representatives to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the 40-year-old “nonpartisan membership association for state lawmakers who shared a common belief in limited government, free markets, federalism, and individual liberty,” floated the concept in 2014.
Unlike my proposal, however, the ALEC proposal focused more on setting the stage for an Article V Convention of the States as opposed to a “best practices” 10th amendment gathering.
Like the Article V Convention of the States, however, state legislatures under my proposal do not need any authorization from their state’s governor to either host the Assembly of the States, or send a delegation to the Assembly of the States.
The hosting state legislature would invite state legislatures of the other 49 states to authorize and send a five-member delegation to the Assembly of the States, which I propose be held in May 2016 in the capital city of the host state.
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