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Monday, July 13, 2015

John Kasich's GOP paid $592,000 to rig the Ohio election

From Mofo Politics.com

"Corruptus in Extremis"

  • To Conservatives "free" elections are a threat to their power.  Here we have pro-Obamacare John Kasich's Republican Party spending a mountains of cash on lawyers to throw the Libertarian Party off the 2014 ballot and help secure his re-election.
  • The concept of the voters having real choices on election day never entered the minds of Republicans.

(Ballot Access News)  -  The Ohio Libertarian Party’s lawsuit over whether its gubernatorial nominee should have been on the 2014 Libertarian primary ballot is still proceeding, and discovery is still underway.

It had already been revealed that the Republican Party of Ohio had paid $300,000 to the attorneys for the individual who challenged the Libertarian gubernatorial primary petition. New information has recently emerged that the party actually paid $592,000.

The new figure would not have emerged, if the Republican consultant for the Republican gubernatorial campaign had not brought forth the new information in his own defense. He and the Kasich gubernatorial campaign had been charged with not reporting these legal fees in campaign disclosure reports. The consultant than revealed that he and the Kasich campaign had not paid the $592,000; instead the Ohio Republican Party had paid them.

Last year, the state chair of the Ohio Republican Party had testified that the Republican Party had nothing to do with the challenge. See this story.

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Thrown off the ballot by the GOP
"Let’s review what happened in 2014. The Ohio Libertarian Party was a qualified party, with its own primary. Only one person filed a petition to be on the Ohio Libertarian primary ballot for Governor. The Republican Party and the John Kasich campaign searched for any individual who had voted in the 2012 Libertarian primary who would challenge the 2014 primary petition. They found someone who knew almost nothing about politics, and had him sign the challenge.
The federal court judge described him as a “dupe.” The dupe’s challenge was filed so late, it was then impossible for any other Libertarian to file as a write-in candidate in the Libertarian primary, so the party was left with no gubernatorial candidate. Because the law required a party to poll 2% for Governor, the party went off the ballot."
Richard Winger
Ballot Access News

The 1992 Presidential debate
You are being used by the Elites.
"Free" elections in America are a myth to keep the Sheeple voters docile and obedient to their Wall Street and special interest funded Masters.
In 1980 even though independent candidate Congressman John Anderson had hit 26% of the vote in the Gallup Poll he was excluded from the Presidential debates so the American Sheeple would not be allowed to hear his message.  Without the national exposure of the debates Anderson fell to 7% on election day.
In 1992 independent Ross Perot was allowed in the debates and racked up almost 20% of the vote.  Backed by the brand new Reform Party, Perot returned for the 1996 election.  Both the Democrats and Republicans felt threatened that a new party might wake the Sheeple from their slumber.  Perot was banned from the debates so the people could not hear his message.  Without the exposure of the debates Perot fell to 8% of the vote.
The special interest funded major parties make sure that you are only allowed to hear what they want you to hear. Then on "election" day the two parties magically win 100% of all elections.

Sheeple voters always obey their special
interest funded Masters.

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