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Monday, July 27, 2015

RACISM - Black man told he can't BBQ in his own yard

Anti-Black BBQ Racism?
When BBQ is outlawed only outlaws will have BBQ

(Down Trend.com)  -  This is further evidence that the law is an ass.
viral video shows an African-American man, Scotty Jordan, being told by a local bureaucrat that barbecue smoke and odor can’t cross his property line.
What’s even worse: The bureaucrat is right, according to the law.
Apparently, a neighbor who doesn’t like Jordan’s grilling habits has been harassing him repeatedly by calling the police, the fire department, and now the environmental wing of the local government.
In the video, the official tells Jordan that he actually took pictures of the barbecue smoke crossing the property line.
“Frankly, today, I can smell it, I can smell it again right now, but I’m on your property,” the official tells Jordan in what sounds like a reprimand. “You’re allowed to have it smell on your property, so that doesn’t count, but when I’m on the street, that’s when it counts.”
So apparently, in Pinellas County, when somebody grills outside, the actual smell of the burning charcoal and/or the delicious meat being cooked cannot cross the property line. That’s just physically impossible for people who live on a lot that is smaller than 10 acres.
Also, the smoke can’t cross the property line, either. To that end, the bureaucrat stupidly suggests that Jordan should buy a grill that contains most of the smoke.
As much as we’d like to mock the official in the video, he’s technically right. The Pinellas County website states in its environmental section: “Commercial barbecue cookers are not exempt from causing a nuisance odor. If a sufficient number of complaints, representing different households, are reported and an Inspector witnesses the problem, they can issue a Warning Letter.”
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