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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Anti-Islamic & anti-racism protesters clash in Melbourne

Protesting against importing Muslims

Remember you are a Racist

  • Nevermind that Islam is NOT a race.  But you will be called a racist for daring to say out loud that your nation, culture and religion have the right to exist.

(RT News)  -  Police in the city of Melbourne used pepper spray to break up scuffles between nationalist supporters from the Reclaim Australia movement, protesting against the Islamization of Australia, and the participants of an anti-racist counter rally.
The Reclaim Australia lobby is holding rallies in numerous cities across the country, which are predicted to attract thousands of supporters, including members of the nationalist movement. The events are also being attended by those opposing the marches, who deem them to be racist.

In Melbourne, the Reclaim Australia supporters managed to gather around 200 members of the Patriot Defense League, who gathered near Parliament House. However, they were vastly outnumbered by around 3,000 anti-racism demonstrators, from the No Room For Racism group.

Police reported clashes between the two groups and they had to use pepper spray to try and quell the demonstrators from both sides. Officers added that some people needed medical attention. A heavy police presence across the country prevented the protests from spiraling out of control.

The Reclaim Australia activists, some of whom praise far-right ideologies, are calling for the protection of national values and basic rights for Australian citizens, such as freedom of speech. They are also protesting against what they perceive is the Islamization of the country. 

They want English to be the country’s primary language and have the right to celebrate national traditions and in particular, Christian holidays. The far-right group is also calling for so-called ‘traitors,’ who betray the country’s values to be deported.

There were huge counter-rallies held by supporters who are appalled by the nationalist and racist stance of the Reclaim Australia activists. They staged their own demonstrations under the slogans 'no room for racism' and Australia is 'not yours to reclaim.’

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