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Friday, July 10, 2015

GOP Elites say no to Trump, but yes to the corrupt special interests

Trump Threatens the Corrupt Elites
GOP and Dem Elites gang up on Trump
to protect their power.

By Gary;

Yes, Trump is a rude asshole.  Nothing new there.

Decent people, and real candidates who want to get elected, do not insult ethnic groups that have millions of voters.  That is why I conclude that Trump's "campaign" is a phony bucket list effort of a rich man looking for attention.

The important thing to note about Trump is how he has brought to public view how the Elites of both the Democrats and Republicans are working together and against the American people to prevent any independent thought from being expressed.

The bipartisan Elites are lining up against Trump to silence him just like they did with Ross Perot.  The simple reason is neither Trump nor Perot could be controlled by the open borders Wall Street crowd that funds both major parties.

I find it interesting that Trump wants to be the nominee of the party that created so many of the problems we are suffering through.

Open Borders America

The Democrats have only been in total control of Congress for four out of the last twenty years.  Millions of aliens poured through our borders on the GOP watch.  Period.

The open borders Republican Party is now fully in charge of both houses of Congress. But there have been ZERO bills on closing the borders to protect Americans jobs from millions of legal and illegal aliens.

In fact the opposite is the case.  The GOP beats their chests and wants to import more and more legal aliens for their Masters on Wall Street in order to drive down wages.


The top secret, Wall Street generate Obamatrade treaty that no one was allowed to read shows the collusion of both parties.  Real Conservatives from Matt Drudge to Breitbart pointed out how the GOP was falling all over itself to work with Obama and his allies and sell out American jobs.

A few honest Republican spoke up. “I think there is an obvious question here – if this trade bill is going to create so many jobs and be so good for American workers, why are we setting aside billions of dollars to protect people that are going to lose all of these jobs that we’re supposed to create? I have not heard anyone address that,” Governor Mike Huckabee challenged.

The answer is obvious.  A bipartisan alliance in Congress sold out the American citizen worker so corporate fat cats could ship more jobs overseas.

Endless Spending and Debt

Since 1995 the GOP Congress has racked up trillions of dollars in new spending and debt.

Congress votes the money.  End of discussion.  They like to pass the blame for spending over to the White House but we all know who is really responsible.

Frankly, the "Conservative" GOP is nothing more than a European Socialist style big government party.  They kind of like business, but only if business pumps them full of campaign cash.

Army to Cut 40,000 Troops

Our military has been shrinking and shrinking since the end of the Cold War.  Now the Army plans to cut 40,000 troops while the world is burning. 

Again, since 1995 it has been a "pro-war" GOP Congress that has been cutting the military.  The Republicans have been sending troops to wars all over Asia and the Middle East.  At the same time they are slashing troop levels causing endless deployments of National Guard units.

With a shrunken navy and army a good case can be made that the Republicans are anti-military, and that all their talk is simply hot air.

Bottom Line - The two party system is a phony sham.  Republicans and Democrats acting as one unit have squandered mountains of treasure on foreign wars, welfare, payoff to corporate allies and illegal aliens.  Any independent thought that Trump has brought to the table will shortly be crushed.  Business as usual will continue.

U.S. Army Troops

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