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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

ISIS Burns CIA Opium Fields in Afghanistan

The U.S. - Protecting Afghan drug lords since 2002.

ISIS Cracks Down on Drugs
You just can't make this shit up.

(Infowars News)  -  The Islamic State is destroying opium fields in Afghanistan as it routs the Taliban, according to witnesses.
The reports may ultimately result in the US sending troops back into the country to protect these valuable and highly lucrative assets.
CIA and Afghan Opium
In 2009 it was reported that the CIA controlled the opium trade in Afghanistan through Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the former president, Hamid Karzai, who began his career as a fundraiser for the CIA’s mujahideen during the 1980s.

“CIA-supported Mujahideen rebels engaged heavily in drug trafficking while fighting against the Soviet-supported government and its plans to reform the very backward Afghan society,” William Blum writes in The Real Drug Lords.

“The Golden Crescent drug trade, launched by the CIA in the early 1980s, continues to be protected by US intelligence, in liaison with NATO occupation forces and the British military. In recent developments, British occupation forces have promoted opium cultivation through paid radio advertisements,” Michel Chossudovsky wrote in 2007.

The corporate media, however, has portrayed the Taliban as the source of opium cultivation in the country. Prior to the U.S. invasion of the country, the Taliban were instrumental in outlawing the opium trade, according to the United Nations.

Several years after the invasion and during the occupation by the United States, the drug trade soared to a record $65 billion and Afghanistan produced 92 per cent of the world’s opium, with the equivalent of 3,500 tons leaving the country each year. Other figures put the number far higher, at around 6,100 tons a year.

In 2010 Infowars.com reported on a Gerald Rivera interview with an American soldier who admitted guarding opium fields in Afghanistan.

In 2014 the opium trade reached a new high, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s 2014 Afghan Opium Survey.

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Former CIA Drug Kingpin Speaks Out

Let's see, why did we go to Afghanistan?

2001 Blast from the Past Article
Only a "crazy" fringe person would suggest that the US and NATO went into Afghanistan in order to keep the supply of drugs flowing.  Only a conspiracy nut would suggest that governments want to keep their populations in a perpetual drugged stupor so they will not question their Masters.  It would be wrong to say these things, so I will not do it.

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