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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tea Party "Conservatives" re-elect Boehner

"Corruptus in Extremis"

The Conservative Congressmen caved.  The re-election of Speaker John Boehner proves the Tea Party is dead and buried. We now effectively live in a one-party Big Government worshiping state.  There is no opposition party to represent true Constitutional Conservatives.

By Gary;

The dream is dead . . . long live the all-powerful Big Brother State.

The Tea Party.  The people were angry beyond words.  For a brief moment in 2010 there was hope of real change in the direction for this country.

But change was not to be, and I believe it all comes down to the infusion of hundreds of millions of corrupt special interest campaign dollars centrally directed out of Washington D.C.

Because of the massive size of local House districts we no longer elect our own representatives.  Our candidates are virtually selected for us and financed by out of state interests that are loyal to the Big Government money machine out of D.C.

The vote for Boehner shows that Tea Party candidates are either frightened to death of the campaign money machine or have willingly dropped their pants, bent over and allowed Big Government Republicans to service them.  Either way, we the people are screwed.

Big Government "Conservatism" has won the day.  Expect every excuse possible to be made why we need open borders, why spending can't be cut, why government agencies must continue, why unconstitutional secret courts must be funded, why NSA spying must continue and why we will never, ever see the IRS abolished or a flat income tax passed.

Translation = it is business as usual in D.C.

We Need Election Reform Now

We the people have no real representation in our own congress.  Only by electing a new opposition party to Congress will our small Constitutional government views be represented.

A small government Tea Party could exist, but it needs its own separate national committee and party structure.  It cannot be a part of the Big Government loving GOP.

Though two party always dominated, in the past the United States was a multi-party Republic.  If people had grievances that were not being addressed they would form a new political party and elect members to Congress.

But since the 1940s not one single opposition party member has been elected to our House of Representatives.  The two corrupt special interest backed D.C. parties "magically" win 100% of all elections to the House because of the mountains of cash spent.

It is a fact that the U.S. stands alone in the world with ZERO opposition parties in our legislature.  Other nations that have zero opposition parties are China, North Korea and Cuba.  Authoritarian as they are, even Russia has multiple opposition parties in their State Duma.

Reform  -  Left, right or center, we the people need our vote to actually matter.

We cannot create enough new House seats to meaningfully reduce the current 700,000 people per seat size.  But what we can do is leave the current system in place and create 250 new House seats elected through proportional representation by voters at large on a state-by-state basis.

A system combining local district seats and at-large proportional representation seats is used in nations around the world such as Japan, Germany, Mexico and Denmark.

EXAMPLE  -  Florida might get 16 new at-large Congressional seats in addition to the 27 district seats they now have.  If a smaller opposition party in Florida polled 15% of the statewide vote they might get three seats in Congress.

Under this scenario I can easily see a Florida Leftist party getting three seats and a Tea Party getting their 15% and three seats.  With enough public support a Tea Party could see their numbers and power increase in the House.  With a few at-large victories voters might turn more and more to a true small government party.  15% could go to 25% to 40% and leave the Big Government loving GOP in the dust.

But today Conservatives (and true Leftists) have zero power.  Our Corporate Masters rule over us and buy Congressmen to be their personal slaves.

If we are to prevent rule by a centralized Oligarchy then we need to open up our election system to all voters.

Rule by Oligarchy
American elections have become a joke.  Only candidates who are millionaires or who are financed by a bottomless pit of corrupt campaign money from Oligarch Elites have any chance to get elected to Congress.
We the People have no representation in our own Congress.

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