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Saturday, January 10, 2015

43% of Americans identify as political independents

43% Independents
30% Democrats, 26% Republicans
The corrupt Washington D.C. funded two-party only 
system does not represent the American people.

(Editor  -  This Gallup poll is dead on.  I am a RINO, a Republican in Name Only.  The Left-Wing GOP left me long ago, but there is no other party for me to vote for.)

The number of Americans who identify themselves as independent of the dominant US political parties has hit an average of 43 percent, marking a new high in Gallup polling since 1988.

The 43 percent of voters who claim they are political independents, before taking into account those who lean toward either the Democratic or Republican Party, has risen steadily since 2008 - the year in which identification with the Democratic Party hit a 25-year high, at 36 percent, amid the end of Republican George W. Bush’s second term in office.

Since 2011, the number of self-identified political independents has hovered above 40 percent, with each year in that time period marking a new high since 1999, when independents numbered 39 percent of poll respondents.

Overall, 30 percent of respondents identify as Democrats, a number down slightly from recent years. This number also represents what Gallup reported as possibly the lowest figure for Democrats since the 1950s.

“Although the party identification data compiled in telephone polls since 1988 are not directly comparable to the in-person polling Gallup collected before then, the percentages identifying as Democrats prior to 1988 were so high that it is safe to say the average 30% identifying as Democrats last year is the lowest since at least the 1950s,” wrote Gallup's Jeffrey M. Jones.

Twenty-six percent of all respondents identify as Republicans, up one percentage point from 2013 - the year that the number of Republicans hit a new low since Ronald Reagan’s first term in office in the early 1980s reports RT News.

The low party identification numbers, Gallup posited, are likely related to widespread disgust with partisan gridlock in Washington and longstanding discontent with actions taken by both political parties, Congress, and the White House.

The Congress of Colombia. Even Colombia's elections are more free that the U.S.
Election Freedom - What a Concept
I can select from 200 TV channels, but when I step into my California voting booth I have the choice of only two corrupt political parties neither of which I support.  But it gets better.  The GOP and Dems "reformed" California elections banning all small opposition parties from all future general election ballots.
Corrupt Elections  -  Our pretend elections are corrupt beyond words.  Only Congressional candidates funded by the Elites in Washington D.C. have any chance to win elections.  The American people are force fed a two-party only system.
Free elections.  Maybe we could try them in America.

ASeating chart by party of the lower house in Colombia.
The Colombia House of Representatives

Every democratic nation of earth has multi-party elections where voters have real choices on the ballot.  Every nation except the United States where no non-Demorcat or non-Republican has been elected since 1948.  American voters have ZERO meaningful ballot choices.  We are ruled by a Washington D.C. funded oligarchy.
As one of endless examples, ten political parties have been elected to the Colombian House of Representatives.
We need election reform at the state legislature level as well as the Congressional level.  The political process must be opened up to all voters.

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