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Friday, January 23, 2015

SCREWED - GOP to remove 66 miles of border fencing

Screwed by the GOP Again

By Gary:

What did you expect would happen?

The mouth-breathing Sheeple voters elected open borders Conservatives to run Congress and they get open borders!

Shock!  Who would have thought such a thing possible?

The new border bills drafted by Republican leaders require the actual removal of at least 66 miles of border fencing that stands between cheap Mexican labor and employers in the United States who fund the Republicans.

The insane bills require the construction of only 27 miles of effective double-layer fencing along the 2,000-mile border.

One GOP staffer said it all: “It is a remarkable that the direction of our progress is going backwards, from a goal of building 700 miles of double-layer border fencing [in 2006] to only 27 miles [in 2015].”

With the ink still wet on the ballots that elected them, the GOP is working furiously to fuck over the American people and fully service their open borders Wall Street Masters who want to drive down wages.

I saw through the GOP lies and bullshit long ago.

My 2014 Protest in California

Here in the People's Republic of California I did my own form of protest.

In my state the open borders Dems and the GOP worked together to ban all minor parties and independent candidates from the general election ballot forcing the Sheeple to vote for them.  Even write-in votes were declared illegal and would not be counted.

With no opposition on the ballot I just refused to vote for any statewide office at all.  I left all the statewide races for Governor on down blank.  This was the only protest I am legally allowed under authoritarian Republicrat rule.

I did vote for propositions and local races.  I regret to say I voted for my pro-open borders GOP Congressional candidate.  This was a targeted seat so I went with the Republicans.  That will not happen again.

(Daily Caller)

Typical GOP Sheeple Voters
In election after election the non-thinking Sheeple keep voting for the open borders "Conservative" Republican Party.  The GOP controlled Congress (1995-2007) obeyed their Masters on Wall Street who want cheap labor and deliberately kept the borders wide open.  Millions and millions of illegals poured over the border to work for GOP business owners and drive down U.S. wages.
Now here we are in 2015.  The Sheeple once again elect open borders "Conservatives" only to be stabbed in the back.  We do not need two Democrat parties.  True Constitutional Conservatives need to start a new political party.


Wolfer said...

It's best to erase the border altogether as America becomes a Hispanic country. Ontario is becoming an Arabic/East Indian place. 300 years from now the Buffalo Sabres hockey players will be 5'3" Mexicans but, as at least many Sikhs are large Canada will continue to dominate in hockey!

Gary said...

NAFTA has erased the border. The problem is Mexico is a lawless Hell hole that allows illegals from Central and South America to travel through their country to the U.S.