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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Boehner may not block Obama on illegal alien DHS funding

"If I only had a spine."

Speaker John A. Boehner wouldn’t rule out Tuesday the possibility the House may have to pass a Department of Homeland Security funding bill that does not block President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration.

That could dampen the enthusiasm of some hard-line conservatives in the House, who were practically ecstatic on Jan. 9 with an emerging GOP strategy to hold votes to defund the president’s executive action and a number of other immigration provisions. But on Tuesday, the speaker was noncommittal.

“Our goal here is to fund the Department of Homeland Security,” the Ohio Republican said. “Our second goal is to stop the president’s executive overreach.”

When Boehner was pressed on whether he would put a “clean” funding bill on the floor before the agency runs out of money at the end of next month, he said Republicans have “this year’s process — fiscal year’s process — and we have next year’s fiscal year process.”

Pressed again, this time with a yes or no ultimatum of whether he would put a straight DHS funding bill on the floor before Feb. 28, Boehner first made a small joke — “Oh, oh, now we have a new question” — and then he refused to give that elusive yes or no answer. Instead, he provided his ordered preference to fund DHS, and then, as a “second goal,” stop Obama’s executive action.

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