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Monday, January 19, 2015

German police ban anti-Islamic rally

Bullshit Alert!

  • Anti-Islamist Germans insulted Chancellor Merkel by photo shopping her (see photo below) in a Muslim head scarf.  
  • Then as is "by magic" German security claims they hear about Jihadists talking about possibly attacking anti-Islamists marchers.  German police then ban the anti-Islamist rally.  I smell bullshit.  Can you?

Dresden (Germany) (APF News) - German police banned a planned rally by the anti-Islamic PEGIDA movement and other public open-air gatherings in the eastern city of Dresden Monday, citing a terrorist threat.
Dresden police said Sunday they had received information from federal and state counterparts indicating a "concrete threat" against the right-wing populist group "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident".
There had been calls for would-be "assassins to mingle among the protesters... and to murder an individual member of the organising team of the PEGIDA demonstrations", police said in a notice on the 24-hour ban.
This was consistent with "an Arabic-language tweet that called the PEGIDA demonstrations an enemy of Islam", it said.
Top-circulation daily Bild said online that the threat targeted PEGIDA's most prominent leader Lutz Bachmann.
A PEGIDA spokeswoman, Kathrin Oertel, confirmed on German television that Bachmann was the target.
Germany's Der Spiegel news weekly reported Friday that foreign intelligence services had picked up communications by some "known international jihadists" indicating they had discussed possible attacks on PEGIDA rallies.
Chancellor Merkel has also stressed that "Islam is part of Germany", vowed to defend Muslims against racist slurs and attacks, and charged that PEGIDA's leaders are motivated by "prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts".

Sympathizers of German populist movement PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident) holding a poster featuring German Chancellor Angela Merkel wearing a head scarf on January 12, 2015 (AFP Photo/Robert Michael)

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