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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Michael Savage: 'Satan has entered the soul of the West'

Does The West Believe in Anything?

Dr. Michael Savage

“We have two opposing forces fighting in the world right now,” Savage told his listeners this week.
“Muslim fanatics,” he explained, have simply filled the vacuum left by the progressives who have decimated society: “They destroyed the church, and then Satan entered the soul of the West.”
“What do we even stand for?” Savage wondered. “Sleeping with 15 people then doing an herbal ‘cleanse’ in the morning? Everyone’s into ‘detoxing’ now because they know their souls are polluted” (Free audio).
Speaking of religion, Savage joked, “It seems that every other day, the pope is drinking too much of that papal wine or something worse.”
Savage didn’t agree with Pope Francis’ take on global warming and free speech.
However, after the leader of the Roman Catholic Church condemned the First World’s attempts to force developing countries to liberalize their sexual mores, Savage said: “I actually agree with him, in the sense that a liberal, gay rights agenda in the schools and the rest of society is a problem”

Dr, Savage's radio show has about 5,000,000 listeners.

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