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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Children’s Cartoon Featuring Dancing Penis and Vagina to be Released

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An English version of a viral Swedish children's cartoon featuring dancing genitals, is set to be released next month, its composer Johan Holmström has said.

After clocking up more than four million YouTube hits and gaining international media coverage everywhere from the BBC to Polish online newspapersthe original Swedish video is currently being translated into English.
The new version of the song is set to be released in "two to three weeks", the man who composed the original score, Johan Holmström, has told The Local.
It is set to be made available on YouTube and in audio form via the Swedish music streaming site Spotify.

Originally made for the children's programme Barnkanalen, which is produced by Sweden's public broadcaster SVT, the song uses child-friendly Swedish words for genitals 'snipp' and 'snopp' and was designed to teach children about the body and its functions.
It ended up making global headlines after YouTube initially classified it as 'adult content'. 
SVT later persuaded the video giant to agree that the clip was not explicit or aimed at adults and to lift the classification.

(The Local)

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