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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Sons of Liberty

A Home Run For The History Channel

By Gary;

Yes!  At last an outlet for my hatred of the British monarchy and Imperialism.

The History Channel's three night Sons of Liberty was a near total success for me.  What was there not to like? British flags being burned, Redcoats shot and the Tea Party.

Like any movie based on historical events the writers and directors have to adjust the story telling for the allowed time, budget and drama.  Most dialog in these films is a fabrication.  The better productions, like Troy and HBO's Rome, try to stay true to events and characters.

With the Sons of Liberty the History Channel was faithful to events.  But better yet, they gave colonial Boston a grittiness and realism.  The "lower orders" of Boston were well written and acted.  There could have been additional plot development on events, but the film makers were trying to cram a long timeline and mountains of events into three 40 minute shows.  They did well with the limitations imposed on them.

Ben Barnes played a fantastic, no compromising Sam Adams.  Marton Csokas (of XXX and Lord of the Rings) played British General Thomas Gage as a total asshole, which is just about right.

TV Ratings  -  As usual the mouth-breathing American Sheeple proved they want nothing to do with anything that might educate them.  Out of 320 million Americans only 3.2 million viewers tuned in on this prime time Sunday night program.  The Monday night installment dropped down to only 2.8 million viewers.  Tuesday was 3.2 million.

Well, if the mouth-breathers have no interest in freedom from oppression and the birth of their own country then screw 'em.  I for one totally enjoyed the program.

Lobsterback British Scum


Wolfer said...

Oh come on! Hatred of British Imperialism? The Commonwealth is even more socialist than Obama's America. Well...Not quite but, almost.

Gary said...

Since 1066 the English have fucked over everyone in all directions from the Irish to the Scots to American colonists to Africans and Asians.

Up through the mid-20th century they were still killing "rebels" who dared to want independence.