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Monday, September 22, 2014

Illegal aliens to get free Zoo memberships

Free Shit For Illegal Alien Law Breakers
  • While American citizens struggle with poverty and underemployment the Socialist Democrats fall all over themselves to give away tax money and privileges to the citizens of other nations.

The city’s new ID cards will do more than just give undocumented immigrants identification — they’ll grant free memberships to top cultural institutions, from Carnegie Hall to the Bronx Zoo.

And officials hinted the cards eventually will provide discounts at movie theaters and other more commercial entertainment venues reports the New York Daily News.

It’s part of a plan to make the cards — which will debut in January — appeal to a wide range of New Yorkers, not just to undocumented immigrants, Mayor de Blasio said.

Hizzoner made the issuance of ID cards a cornerstone of his mayoral campaign. The cards, he said, would help undocumented immigrants access services they could not receive without identification.

Standing with cultural leaders and elected officials, de Blasio announced the perks at the Bronx Zoo Thursday, one of the 33 cultural institutions that will offer the free membership to card holders.

Everyone is lining up to suck on the public teat.

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